10 Best Streaming Apps for Sports

Have you ever wished you could watch Sky Sports in Australia? Whether it’s football, cricket, tennis, F1, or any other sport, being a sports fan is likened to having a full-time job. Unlike TV shows or movies that air at a certain time in the evening or night, or can be watched on-demand using a service like Netflix or HBO Max, sports, especially football, can air at the most inconvenient time for fans.

So, following your favorite sports team can be a bit of a hassle. Luckily, there are ways that you can follow your favorite team live wherever you are. Just like Netflix and HBO Max, there are streaming services for sports that you can enjoy too.

We have tested over 100 sports streaming services and came up with ten names that we think will provide you with the best streaming service along with live updates, statistics, and reports that you can follow whenever you want.

10 Best Streaming Services For Sports Around The World

So, here are the 10 best streaming services for sports.

1.            Mobdro

One of the best services that we can recommend is Mobdro. There is a reason we are introducing this one first. It is one of the most widely used apps for sports streaming and it is free, surprisingly. Though, it does come with ads. To remove ads, you have to get the premium version, which costs as little as €2.99/year.

It even has bookmarking options that you can use to save your favorite stream. It is also compatible with Windows, Mac, & Android.

2.   365 Scores

365 Scores is another attractive option for sports lovers. This app is specially made for people who want to explore and keep track of multiple sports at once. From notifications to highlights, videos, standings, statistics, and more, this app provides everything. You can even watch the goals scored with a five-minute delay.

For free, this package seems pretty attractive.

3.   YipTV

Another all-rounder app on this list is YipTV. They’ve made a name for themselves by providing over a hundred channels to watch. They are one of the fastest growing platforms around and they use a freemium-based subscription model that you can use to access high-quality streams.

From news networks such as Bloomberg to sports channels such as Sky Sports, you can find just about anything to watch.

4.   ESPN

Everyone knows ESPN. It is, after all, arguably the most popular sports streaming platform in the world. And what’s great about it is that it offers multiple channels and coverage of many different sports, yet it’s completely free.

They even offer in-depth analytics, statistics, and insights for people who are really into a certain sport and can’t get enough of the game, even off the pitch. ESPN is available on Android, iOS, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and more.

5.   La Liga TV

The ultimate home of Spanish top-flight football, La Liga TV is the app where you can catch every little update about what’s happening in La Liga. From table standings to statistics, highlights of great goals, and even live streaming of matches, La Liga TV has it all.

Additionally, it has a watch later section where you can save your favorite videos and watch them later. It is a very lightweight app that is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It is also completely free.


UKTVNOW allows you access to a whole host of channels from all across the world. So, whether you want to watch an American channel or a UK channel, you can access it quickly and smoothly.

It has a highly interactive app that is quick to respond. You can get seamless streaming and even the ability to favorite a certain stream so that you can access it quickly the next time around. It is available on Windows and Chromecast. It is free at a basic level but also has four subscription tiers for 2 days, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months.

7.   SuperSport

SuperSport is a South African sports streaming service. It offers sports from football to cricket, rugby, tennis, and more. The great thing about SuperSport is its app, which is quite easy to use.

SuperSport also provides access to live commentary and even group chats you can join to discuss the games. It is completely free to use and is available on both iOS and Android.

8.   CBS Sports

CBS is a well-renowned broadcasting network based in the US. If you want to follow football, American football, or any sport, then CBS Sports is another great choice. It allows a user to follow up to eight games simultaneously.

It provides high-quality and consistent streams that allow you to enjoy the game and gives you live updates, statistics, highlights, and much more on the go. Available on Android and iOS, it is surprisingly free to use.

9.   FlashScore

Are you not in the mood to watch a live stream or just don’t have the time for it? Do you still want to follow the game beat-by-beat? FlashScore is the perfect app to help you with that. It provides instant and constant updates about what’s happening in the game. It also offers text-based commentating so that you can glean game information.

FlashScore provides you with updates on over 30 sports and is completely free to use. It is available on iOS and Android.


LiveScore is a great alternative to FlashScore with a highly-interactive user interface. Moreover, it offers instant game updates and a play-by-play account of all the action. It’s also a very lightweight app that doesn’t take up a lot of space and tracks over 20 top-level sports. It is also free to use.


There we have it. These are the ten best apps on the market when it comes to live streaming sports. So, whether you are an avid cricket fan or a football ultra fan, or even both and more, you can watch Sky Sports in Australia or any other channel to keep up to date with all the sports.

And if you are having trouble accessing any of these apps from within your region, we highly recommend installing a VPN. A secure and robust VPN like ExpressVPN can give you access to any of the apps on this list. Just select the region-specific server, establish a connection and you are good to go.

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