4 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Meat 

4 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Meat 

Meat shopping is an art just like meat cooking. To ensure a juicy, delicious meat dish it is important to buy meat that is tender, fresh and of good quality. A quite tough or too watery meat would not be great for a good meal. 

Also, there are several appearances and colour tests that you can take to ensure that the meat is of good quality and fresh. To learn more about butcher shops Melbourne be sure to check out Peter Bouchier . There are several mistakes that one might make when purchasing meat. Below are a few mistakes and how not to commit them discussed. Make sure you understand them properly. 

Not assessing the Meat Colour

The most common and silly mistake that most people make is not assessing the colour of the meat. A meat that is fresh and well-stored is usually bright red in colour. However, if the meat has not been stored well or has had some imperfections, it will be discoloured. Avoid buying such meat. Beware of any blood clots, green spots or unfamiliar spots on the meat. Such meat is usually not the kind you would want to consume. 

Not Assessing the Animal’s Diet 

Assessing the animal’s diet can tell a lot about the quality of the meat. For instance, grass-fed cattle beef is more flavourful and leaner than cattle that have been grain-fed. An improperly fed cattle meat tends to be less nutritious and dry. 

Avoiding Frozen Meat 

There is a misconception that frozen meat should not be consumed. It is not correct as most products need to be frozen before the meat finds the buyer. Frozen products can last for months. Ensure that the expiry date is yet to arrive before you make a purchase. One thing to note when buying meat is to ensure that the meat does not have ice crystals and should be firm. Frozen meat should be usually consumed within a few months of packaging and refrigeration. 

Always buying the same Meat 

While it is a personal choice, buying the same cut of meat or the same meat type can be boring after a while. Try new types of meat to taste different flavours and juiciness. Mixing up things can be a fun surprise too. Who knows the change might turn into your routine preference. Also, often the same meat might make you forget the authentic flavour that distinguishes your meat type from the other kinds. 


Having proper knowledge of buying good quality meat ensures complete safety. Good quality meat has the complete set of nutrients and vitamins. However, it is necessary to look for certain aspects when buying meat. Stale meat could cause potential digestion upsets and even infect your internal system with chronic conditions. The meat of good quality is fresh and has the ideal firmness. It should be neither too soft nor watery, not too tough. Choosing the right meat and meat seller is quite essential. Always choose meat sellers that have set standards for meat storage and selling. 


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