5 Most Common Motor Vehicle Injuries And What You Can Claim

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible to file motor vehicle accident claims. Accidential claims allow you to pursue the compensation you are entitled to. These include the following: you were hurt by a car, you were hurt while riding in one, or you were hurt as a result of someone else’s carelessness.

What are the most frequent types of wounds you could experience in a car accident? How can you file a compensation claim? And what are the most common car accident injuries? The following are some of the most common motor vehicle injuries sustained in car accidents:

Common motor vehicle injuries sustained in car accidents

1. Contusions and Bruising

Even in a minor motor vehicle accident, the force of the crash will probably leave you with bruises. The seatbelt intended to keep you secure in your seat may have created this bruise, but it’s more likely to have been caused by contact with some part of the car. Although bruises will hurt, they may not need serious medical attention.

2. Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is a term used to describe a neck injury brought on by a significant head movement that causes the head to violently jerk away from the body after a sudden collision, such as another automobile slamming into yours.

It is very typical and can cause symptoms, including headaches, neck pain, lack of neck movement, and memory loss that linger for days or even weeks. It is significant to remember that whiplash discomfort can occasionally be felt up to 24 hours following an occurrence.

It is a neck injury brought on by the neck moving violently and quickly back and forth, much like a whip. Rear-end car accidents frequently result in whiplash. In car accidents, whiplash can become increasingly severe, necessitating medical treatment owing to the potential injury to the neck and back. Any costs associated with the medical care may be recovered in a motor vehicle accident lawsuit.

3. Injury from concussions

Traumatic brain injury like a concussion impairs brain function. Symptoms of a concussion, which can be serious, include headache, ear ringing as well as extreme exhaustion, etc.

After your car accident, it’s crucial to get medical help if you exhibit any concussion-related symptoms. Medical costs are probably claimable because concussions can cause impairment.

The majority of the time blows to the head or other traumatic injuries to the body result in traumatic brain injuries. The type of injury and the power of contact from an automobile accident are two elements that may affect the extent of the damage. Traumatic brain injury can harm the brain physically, including by causing bleeding, soft tissue damage, and bruises. These wounds may cause permanent impairment or even death.

A traumatic brain injury can have a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms. Some of these impacts start to show themselves right once, while others take time.

4. Psychological Trauma

Extremely stressful situations, such as car accident, can lead to psychological trauma. You could struggle with distressing feelings, memories, and anxiety as a result of psychological trauma. A motor vehicle collision can result in both bodily and psychological harm, such as trauma, for example.

Not everyone injured in a car accident experiences bodily harm; for some people, the psychological stress of the accident can have serious and lasting effects. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and a phobia of driving are examples of psychological injuries.

5. Bone fractures

Long periods of rest, recuperation, and rehabilitation are required for broken bones, which can be quite painful. You may likely need medical care if you have a broken bone. You may claim medical expenses as a result. You can contact an insurance claim lawyer too.

As a result of the collision between your vehicle and the other vehicle or from being struck by flying objects within the vehicle, you could receive scrapes and cuts. Depending on how severe they are, scrapes and wounds can cause long-term discomfort as well as a danger of infection and scarring.

Broken ribs from seat belts tightening or airbags deploying can cause broken bones, which are another common injury in auto accidents. Broken ribs can cause excruciating agony and necessitate protracted periods of rest and rehabilitation. Additionally, typical car accident injuries are broken arms, legs, hips, and even shoulders.

Have you got a claim?

You may be entitled to compensation if you were involved in a car accident and had either a physical or mental injury or lost income.

There may be ways to get paid out even if you were totally or partially to blame for the accident. The most important thing to do after an accident is to get medical attention, but you should also get legal counsel as quickly as you can to learn more about your rights.

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