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Pain is a part of life. It is a sign that something is not right in the body, a pointer to an anomaly. Pain could be acute or chronic, depending on the underlying conditions. Usually, pain should subside after a couple of hours or days.  

However, when the pain lingers for too long, one must consider various remedies to address it. The first point of call for many people is over-the-counter medication and NSAIDs. While such medications work, the issue is the series of side effects users might have to deal with. Besides, addiction is also an addiction issue as one gets hooked on the pills to manage pain. Also, OTC hardly provides a lasting solution but a temporary relief from pain. As a result, it is not effective in managing pain. 

As a result, turning to natural remedies is the best approach to managing pain. Various natural remedies exist that can help solve multiple forms of pain, even chronic pain and arthritis. As a result, this article will explore five natural remedies to manage chronic pain: 

  1. Get Moving 

This seems counterintuitive, right? You are in pain, and the first point is for you to get up and move! Well, don’t conclude yet! Science and research have revealed the many benefits of working out for chronic pain. In addition, it supports nerve function and brings down neuropathy symptoms. Also, exercise can reduce depression, which is common among victims of chronic pain.  

While this might be challenging, the key is to start slowly. So, consider starting at your pace, listening to your body, and respecting its limit.  

Take short walks around the house for a start. Consider going from room to room and later graduate to moving around the house. With time, as you feel better, take short walks, and increase the duration.  

Such activity will boost serotonin – the feel-good hormones. It can soothe pain and make you feel relaxed.


  1. Consider Natural Based Goodness 

Various natural substances exist that are incredibly powerful in managing pain. One such substance is CBD – a derivative of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Many people, over the years, have used CBD as a natural remedy to manage various forms of pain.  

Besides, CBD is a potent analgesic that can provide relief. It is different from the THC counterpart, producing no high effect. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it helpful in managing joint pain.  

When looking for CBD to manage pain, consider full-spectrum CBD, as it contains traces of THC. This will strengthen the pain-relieving properties. Also, CBD is available in many forms like oil, cbd gummies for your kids, powder, cream, gel, pills, etc.  

You can take it orally or rub the gel directly on the affected body part, providing relief. 


  1. Consider Yoga  

Yoga is another form of mild exercise that can help relieve body pain. Specifically, Iyengar Yoga can provide relief for body pain. This yoga class helps align the body properly, so the anatomy becomes normal. It also uses the prop for tension relief and eliminates inflammation.  

Based on a 2013 study, researchers explored the benefits of Iyengar yoga on 26 young ladies with arthritis – a form of pain. The groups were divided into two:  

  • 11 people had two yoga classes a week, which spanned 90 minutes, for six weeks.  
  • 15 people had no yoga class 

As expected, the first group experienced pain relief and other advantages like improved mood and better overall life quality.  


  1. Try Meditation and Relaxation 

Meditation and relaxation go hand in hand. It can take your mind away from the painful sensation. One can perform meditation in various forms, and it does not have to be complex, and you need no particular instrument.  

Once you can find a quiet place to sit, you are good. You will close your eyes and concentrate on your breath or a mantra. Be still and use it as a focus.  

The relaxation that meditation triggers can relieve pain. Concentration might be difficult initially, especially for beginners, so you might often drift away. When such happens, gradually direct your attention back to the mantra. 


  1. Ginger 

Ginger is another natural remedy that can help relieve pain. This root plant has been used over the years for various health purposes. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger make it pretty effective in reducing pain. Many people also use it as a food spice as it has many health benefits. 

Based on a 2015 review, daily consumption of ginger can soothe muscle pain. This is the kind of pain that arises from exercise, running, or putting excessive pressure on the body. As a result, ginger is a reliable anti-inflammatory agent that can provide relief.  

One can consume ginger by cooking it and adding it to smoothies and tea. You can also get ginger supplements in health stores. However, raw ginger is still your best bet.  


Resorting to OTC medications might be an easy way to manage pain. However, such is not sustainable and comes with side effects. Nature has blessed humans with various natural remedies to help manage pain. From ginger to exercise and CBD, one can manage pain effectively without worrying about side effects. This article has explored five trusted ways in which one can manage pain effectively.  

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