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Marketing is difficult, expensive, and doesn’t generate sufficient returns, right? Not quite. Many business leaders feel that marketing is a waste of time. They’re right to think this way because many new-age marketing tools and mediums aren’t cost-effective. For instance, on Facebook, just for 1000 impressions, businesses have to pay at least $8. 

Rising advertising costs (especially digital advertising) can make you lose your faith in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. But, not all marketing tools are expensive or ineffective. Simple, traditional marketing tools like garden flags continue to help brand leaders in various ways. They’re just not as popular as Facebook ads or digital marketing.

In reality – savvy brand leaders conduct different types of marketing with well-designed, customized flags. These flags are eye-catching, vibrant, and colorful, and they reflect positively on the brands they represent.

Here are six types of awesome advertising you can perform with these simple promotional flags.

Bridge Advertising

In the UK alone, there are approximately 71,656 bridges. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles and people pass through these bridges every day. Why not expose them to your brand? Custom flags are light, easy-to-install marketing tools. You can easily install them on the sides of high-traffic bridges. Every day, your custom ‘bridge’ flags will generate thousands of impressions for your brand. 

Guerrilla Advertising

Guerrilla advertising is the art of shocking or mentally provoking your target audiences. To perform this type of advertising, you must first know your target audience and their preferences. Then, you must decide where and how you plan to surprise them with your advertising flags. For example, you can fill up one section of your local train station with your custom flags. This “shock factor” will draw more attention to your brand. 

Point-of-Sale Flags

If you’re a store owner, you know how important checkout processes are. Customers leave the store once they’re done checking out and paying for their stuff. Why not make their last moments inside your store memorable? Set up colorful and eye-catching marketing flags on your cashier or checkout counters. If customers want, give away some branded flags for free!

Transit Advertising

Promotional flags are rigid and durable tools. You can stick them anywhere (with glue or tape) and expect them to stay there for long periods. You can stick them on company vehicles as well. Tape a few flags on the rear ends of your company vehicles. Travel around, showing off your custom-printed flags and promoting your brand in your company or private vehicles.

Retail Advertising

Retail advertising is the art of advertising brands, products, or services to retail shoppers. Wherever retail shoppers go, your brand should follow. With light, easy-to-install flags, doing this is very easy. Just set up some of your flags outside malls, shopping centers, and other retail hotspots. 

Storefront Advertising 

The best thing about marketing flags is that they’re ultra-durable. They can withstand months (even years) of sunlight damage, water damage, air pollution, etc. So, setting these flags up right outside your store makes total sense. Use these flags to highlight your store, products, & services. 

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