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Prague is one of the scenic cities housing one hundred spires, which is best known for its unique and impressive architecture and rich history. Visit this city to unfold many hidden pasts and explore the weird and wonderful capital of the Czech.

This city owns everything starting from parks to pubs, theaters, markets, music, and more.

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So get a virtual tour of this city and book the tickets to roam and discover the most spectacular points in the city.

So let us see interesting locations within this city:

The Atrium: music center

The Atrium is a tiny rehabilitated church home to some of the most exceptional classical music in Prague. Have an immense peaceful atmosphere and well-kept architecture in this pretty destination. You will love this place for sure, so don’t miss this place.

Bohemian paradise Cross Club

The cross club is an eclectic nightspot housing equal parts Steampunk, DIY and futuristic. First, have a tour of this vivid club to know the artistic, multicultural venue that prides itself along with cheap drinks, inimitable music, and unconventional cinema, including documentaries. Then, visit the Cross Club housing numerous café for non-drinkers. 

The golden-olden days

There are many cafes and music bars which will take you to the golden old times. The city of Prague has many things related to the 80s where the good old days are alive. Make a tour of these cafes and bars to rejoice the 80s music and video games, the kitschy décor, and old-school food.

The old sewers

One of the most interesting things to do in Prague is to visit Prague’s Old WasteWater Treatment Plant. You will be surprised to learn the underground engineering feats from the early 20th century. If you are traveling with kids, then this place will make you enjoy your whole day and will keep you busy in its engineering.

Black Light Theatre

This Prague city owns some amazing museums. One such museum is the black light theater. This theater features black box performances, which is authentic, exciting, and trippy. There is a use of black lights and very specific movements, visual tricks, and optical illusions created in an engaging show and events for people who come to visit this theatre.

Check out the flavored absinthe.

Absinthe is the bohemian spirit that has been made in Prague for yonks. You will find varieties of the Absintherie in Franz Kafka Square having numerous flavored absinthe drinks, not the supposedly hallucinogenic wormwood. You will be amazed to see over 100 types of absinthe, absinthe coffee, ice cream, and chocolate.

nuclear bunkers

Have you seen the Soviet’s nuclear holocaust? If not then make this spot on the must-to-do list. This bunker was built during the Cold War, where many ex-Soviet nuclear bunkers open for tours. Watch out for the goods like gas masks, clothes, etc., that are still inside and are well-preserved. This bunker is a great place to be visited that captures the fear of the time.  

DIY shoe monument

A shoe monument is an art monument started in the place of the destroyed Stalin statue by Prague’s skateboarders and counter-culture locals. This great monument is located in Letna Park. Visit this monument which is a cluster of shoes strung together over a telephone wire. 

The Kingdom of Argonia

If you have never visited a fairy-tale kingdom, then you are in the right place. This city houses the kingdom of Argonia, located near Petrin Hill, and has an old mill. Czech artist Reon has transformed the interior of this mill into a hallucinogenic funhouse. Have a tour of the Magic Cave inside, a delightful and wonderful collection of art, fantasy, and magic. 

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If you want to venture into this splendid city that houses so many things to be watched and explored, book the flight tickets .

We recommend taking a tour of this city and having an incredible vacation along with friends or family, and kids.

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