7 WordPress plugins that helpful for bloggers

WordPress plugins

WordPress is simple, amazing and easy to use to create your own website. Most of the 50% of websites made by WordPress are on the internet. It means that in 10 websites 5 websites are made by WordPress. It is easy to use and you can manage all your data without any hurdles. One of the biggest advantages is that it is free to use. You only need to pay for hosting. That checks your website’s technical problem, protects you from hackers’ attack and to save a backup of your website. In this article, I will tell you about some important plugins that are helpful while using WordPress. So read carefully all information below:

What are plugins?

A plug-In is feature base software that does special tasks for webmasters. Every plugin is made for a special task. Like, in our Smartphone or computers we need some applications and software to do certain tasks. For example for video play we use a software or application and for music we use different software. In the case of plugins, we use them to solve our WordPress Problems. So we can say that a plugin is like an application or software in WordPress.

Some important plugins in WordPress

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is Helpful for your Search engine optimization solutions. It Includes On page content analysis, XML sitemap, Robots.txt, guide to get fast indexing on Google and much more. You can control your entire website SEO here and effectively. It is not complex to use. You only need to understand all his instructions and features.

Yoast seo

2. WP Fastest Cache

WP fastest cache helps to clear cache of your website. If your websites pages are not loading fines and your website speed performance is low then this plugin helpful to solve this problem. It is also easy to control. First of all, install this plugin.

Go to the page which is not loading fine.

Then go to the taskbar of your dashboard and click on clear cache option. It will clear the cache easily.

3. Redirection

Redirection plugin redirects your pages on specific Pages that you want to redirect. It is helpful in 303 and 404 not found pages. If you remove any of your index pages and now it comes 404 not found. It affects your website bounce rate. Then you will redirect this page to any of these related pages easily.

Method of using.

Install the plugin then open it.

Click on add new redirection.

Put the URL you want to redirect in the source URL bar and put the targeted URL I target URL bar.

4. Site kit by google

Site kit by Google plugin works as an analytic of your sites and does much more than an analytic. It does a certain task for your site.

  • Find out how your website audience is growing. Mean track your site traffic.
  • Keep track of your popular pages and how people are searching them.
  • Top content of the website over a period of time.
  • Track your site performance
  • Check the speed of your website.
  • Check how much earning you are getting from your content to show ads.
  • Also tell you the revenue of your website.
Site kit by google

5. Easy Table of Contents

Easy table of content add a table of content in your published articles pages. Table of content helps your website visitors to understand your content easily. So they can get the information in the content.

Easy table of contents wordpress plugin

6. User Role Editor

User role editor plugin can set special roles rules for your author, contributors, SEO manager. It can restrict your website users to do unusual activities on your website. So this plugin is important for you if you have some authors and contributors users in your website.

User role editor  plugin

7. Mailpoet

If you want to give daily post updates and newsletter to you subscribers then mailpoet can help you in this matter. Mailpoet is a famous and biggest newsletter sending plugin. You can create and send newsletter, post notifications, welcome emails from your WordPress. It also has an amazing newsletter template and design for your daily posts.



Plugins are the necessary functions that help you to manage and control your website easily. If you have WordPress websites then it is important for you to get info and understand all plugins that are useful for you. So we say that plugins are the basic need of your WordPress website.

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