8 Survival Tips for An Outdoor Trip

8 Survival Tips for An Outdoor Trip

An outdoor trip is one of the great travel methods many travelers have adopted in the past years. However, having a fun outdoor trip is only possible with the proper preparation. We need to consider certain things before embarking on an outdoor trip. You might get into unexpected trouble if you are unfamiliar with the environment.  Protection equipment like expandable baton have become almost a must-add to any set-up, as more and more adventurers are getting aware of external risks and how to protect themselves. So, we are discussing a few survival tips for your next outdoor trip. Keep reading! 

     Get an Outdoor Subscription Box  

An outdoor subscription box should be the first thing to cross your mind for an outdoor trip. There are many benefits to getting an outdoor subscription box for an outdoor trip. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can help you save money on essential gear. 

The cost can start to add up if you constantly buy new gear for your trips. However, if you have a subscription box, you can get all the necessary equipment for a fraction of the cost. 

A subscription box keeps you more organized if you’re always forgetting something. Also, it can help you discover new products and brands you may not have otherwise known. Moreover, you don’t have to miss out on the essential tools you’ll need for your trip. 

In summary, an outdoor subscription box can help in trouble. As a novice unfamiliar with subscription boxes, click here to check the best outdoor subscription box for beginners. 

     Know How To Find a Campsite and Build a Shelter 

Another crucial aspect of planning an outdoor trip is finding a suitable campsite and shelter. A good camp should be safe, away from potential hazards like cliffs or fast-flowing rivers. It should also be close to resources like water and firewood. 

Building a shelter is also crucial for protecting yourself from the elements. A simple tarp or tent can make a huge difference in keeping you dry and comfortable during a storm. Finding a suitable campsite and building a shelter can ensure that your outdoor trip is enjoyable and safe. 

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     Pack Enough Food and Water 

When planning an outdoor trip, consider your food and water needs. Depending on the location and length of your trip, you should pack food and water or be able to access it along the way. Without proper nutrition, your body won’t function well, and you won’t enjoy your trip. 

Be sure to bring enough for everyone in your group, plus extras in case of emergencies. It is also important to pack food that will not spoil in the heat or cold and is easy to prepare. Water should be stored in clean containers and should be filtered if necessary. 

However, research the area ahead of time if you rely on food and water access along the way. Know the nearest food and water sources and plan your route accordingly. 

     Learn How To Start a Fire 

A fire can provide warmth, light, and protection from animals, and you can use it for cooking. You may be disadvantaged if you don’t have a fire. 

There are many ways to start a fire, and the best method will vary depending on the situation. If you have a lighter, you can use it to create a spark and start a small fire. You can try a friction method if you don’t have an ignition source. 

Also, you can try good tinder options like dry leaves, grass, or paper to start a more significant fire. Once a small fire goes, you can add larger pieces of wood to keep it going. 

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     Have a First Aid Box 

A first aid kit saves you in times of emergency. You never know when you might need it, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

A first aid kit should contain all the essential supplies for treating minor injuries. These supplies include bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relief medication, and more. If you have any specific medical conditions, include any medications you might need. 

Packing a few extra supplies like a flashlight and a map, just in case, is also a good idea. 

     Be Familiar with Knots Tying 

Another vital survival tip for an outdoor trip is knowing how to tie knots. You can use knots to secure your belongings, so they don’t get lost or blown away in the wind. Also, you can use them to create shelter, build a fire, or catch fish. 

Besides, knots can be helpful in emergencies, such as when you need to tie a tourniquet or rappel down a cliff. The bowline is the most famous knot. If you are learning only one, it should be the bowline. 

     Know How To Send Up a Survival Signal 

When you’re out in the wild, it’s essential to be able to send up a survival signal in case you get lost or stranded. There are different ways to do this. And they include using a mirror to reflect sunlight or fire to create smoke. 

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. So, knowing which one to use in each situation is crucial. 

    Learn To Make a Spear 

A spear is a vital tool on an outdoor trip, as you can use it for hunting or self-defense. It is also an excellent way to start a fire, as you can use the sharp point to strike a spark. 


The outdoors is a great place to experience nature. That said, it’s not always safe to be outdoors without the necessary preparations. We hope this post helps you have a hassle-free outdoor trip next time. Thanks for reading! 


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