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This article could include affiliate hyperlinks. Please review the Disclaimer Are you considering creating an Instagram strategy for the coming year? In this article, I’ll take you through the basics of starting with Instagram and developing an achievable Instagram strategy. Many people are eager to join Instagram and are overwhelmed by the number of features Instagram provides, the types that you can produce as well, and the methods involved, and that’s why I’m going to simplify this and make it as easy as is possible to provide you with the foundation you need to get started! Let’s go.

Establish your account If you have a personal account, a business account or a maker account, or haven’t even started, You’re looking to start by setting up your fundamentals Create a unique Headshot of your own and upload it to your Logo Create a unique, keyword user name that is easy to remember. Buy Instagram followers Malaysia in initial stages and get a kick-start.

My suggestion for beginners to start they plan to begin with the basics:

Two posts and one reel every week. One story per day The above is easy for novice Content creators who are new to Instagram, but it can also motivate you to begin creating Instagram content regularly, including videos! Once you’ve established an established routine for doing this, you’ll need to shift and move to an increased frequency of posting. This could mean making one post or reel daily or three stories daily, and then seeing how it feels. You can alter the settings the settings up or down depending on the results you’re seeing and how you’re feeling as a creator. You can adjust the amount of content you create. It will be highly beneficial to make batches of content if you are planning to create one post every day.

Create an uncomplicated set of themes for content

You’ll also need to set up a simple set of topics for content. This will allow you to determine the kind of content you publish daily.

  • It could look similar to this:
  • Monday = a quote or story
  • Tuesday = Tutorial or the list
  • Friday = Product feature or an online poll

They give you a plan for the kind of content you’ll create and the topics you’ll be sharing every day so that you can do the same content easily. Remember that we’re working with an initial content plan, and having a daily theme can help make your content creation easier!

Set your most essential hashtags

Hashtags can give you more attention to your posts and also connect your content to other users interested in similar topics.

When you first begin using hashtags, I suggest starting with five hashtags. In the end, you can work until you have a max of 30 hashtags per every post.

However, for your initial 5posts, you must utilize hashtags that relate to your content and your particular niche. If your post is about dog treats, you should look for hashtags with the word #dogtreats or similar. It may sound simple. It’s not, but hashtags are a complicated subject that you can find out more about in this blog article. To avoid hashtags, you can try buying Facebook Likes Malaysia service.

Set your caption style/tone of voice

Setting up a tone for your business isn’t easy. However, it’s essential to ensure that your content is constant.

  • Witty
  • Friendly
  • Profession
  • Short

Longer storytelling

When you have decided on a tone, be sure you stick to the technique. This will create an overall connection with your brand and will make it more memorable to those who follow. You might want to consider using template captions from Content members to assist you in getting started.

Write down your standard calls to action.

Do you remember your initial goal in creating your Instagram account? It could be anything to do with getting more traffic to your business or increasing your followers. Whatever your objective, be sure to have some basic call-to-actions in place to encourage your customers to act. Spend some time writing your own call-to-action templates that you can then change within your posts.

For Example:

“Ready to know how to use Instagram? Register for my free 60-minute class via the link I have included within my bio.” You can use the above call-to-action within an Instagram caption as well as an Instagram video, or even an Instagram Story. Templates make our lives simpler and speed up the creation of content more efficiently. Please find out more information regarding our caption templates for social media here.

Establish your aesthetics

What’s your Instagram feed will appear like?

This covers everything from how the images are going to appear, which graphic templates you will utilize as well, and what kind of branding or general style do you wish to use.

If you’re only beginning with creating your brand and you want to work through it more thoroughly, you can check out my tutorial on how to create an Instagram mood board here.

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