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A personal loan, often referred to as a customer loan, is a flexible loan that a borrower can use to cover their current needs. It is an unsecur loan granted by banks, financial institutions, and NBFCs, and it is based on factors such as the borrower’s ability to repay the loan, his or her profession and credit history, income level, and employment history. An applicant must repay the money they borrowed within a certain time frame, plus interest. The terms of repayment, the interest rate, and the processing charge for a personal loan can vary from bank to bank.

A applicant who wishes to obtain a personal loan must pay both the face amount and the interest rate. a private loan And EMI calculator is a tool used to figure out how much must be paid as EMI each month.

Calculator for personal loans

To determine the total costs and monthly payments for a personal loan, use a personal calculator, an online tool that offers sharp images. Therefore, different personal loans include insurance or fees, and their actual cost should be larger than what is represent. When calculating the APR (Actual Annual Percentage) for the loan or the actual APR Rate, the calculator takes all the circumstances into consideration.

An essential self-policing online tool to calculate your Equated Monthly Installment is the EMI calculator (EMI). It is highly instinctively understandable, simple to use, and quick to complete. And after a few seconds, it will provide a reliable response. It facilitates the borrower’s loan planning.

Enter the following data into the personal loan EMI calculator:

  • Interest rates (in percentage)
  • The amount of the principle loan that you wish to take out (in rupees)
  • Loan Terms (in months or years)
  • In ahead of EMI (only for the car loan)

You should utilise a personal loan EMI calculator prior to submitting an application for a personal loan. Some advantages that the borrower can enjoy using this calculator are list below.

Easy to use:

The personal loan EMI Calculator is available online and is very simple to use. The only information a borrower needs to submit to determine the monthly instalment (EMI) they must pay is the interest rate, loan balance, and loan term. The borrower can easily compute the instalment at any time and from any location thanks to this.

Choose your preferred loan tenure:

Since there are numerous loan tenures, the borrower can compare the EMIs to choose which one is best for their financial situation. The borrower must choose a shorter tenure if they wish to pay off their loan early and can afford a high EMI payment. He can also choose a tenure that is shorter.

Accurate Result:

Give precise results Every complex calculation receives a quick response. When performing the maths physically by one’s own, the likelihood of errors is higher. However, there is no danger of error when using the EMI calculator, and you will receive 100% accurate answers.

Time Saving:

time is saved Entering the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate into the personal loan emi calculator and receiving the results in under a minute is all it takes to calculate the EMI. In contrast to laborious calculation, the monthly instalment provides findings immediately.

Loan comparisons:

Since loan offers vary from bank to bank, a candidate might utilise a loan EMI calculator to compare them. The result displays the overall loan amount as well as the applicable EMIs.

 EMI is calculate as (mathematically): 

                                             P x R x (1+R)^N / [(1+R)^N-1] 


  •           P = Amount of the loan 
  •            R = Rate of interest 
  •           N = No. of Monthly Instalments 

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