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New technological inventions, no matter how much supporters of the traditional way of life resist them, ultimately make all processes more convenient and easier, including business and creative fields. Discussions about how neural networks will replace humans in many professions stem from a misunderstanding of the principle of AI operation and the role of humans in interacting with it. Similarly, many years ago, it could have been said that the invention of computers or the Internet would cause many people to lose their jobs. But eventually, we only see an increase in the efficiency of all types of activities.

Which neural networks are better to use?

Currently, the ChatGPT chatbot from OpenAI has gained immense popularity. To use the chatbot, registration on the developer’s website is required. Additionally, some of its functionalities are provided for a fee. While ChatGPT does not have an image creation feature embedded within it, there are other neural networks, such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion, that can perform this task.

The GemAIBot chatbot has recently been introduced on the Gem4me communication platform, which is available to all users for free and does not require any additional registration. The developers of Gem4me created it based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT product. GemAIBot can perform a variety of tasks using the same principles as ChatGPT. Furthermore, it understands requests in different languages and supports dialogues in the given context. GemAIBot represents a free opportunity for all users to learn how to work with a neural network without any additional registration or payment.

Benefits of using neural networks for Business Owners

The obvious benefit of neural networks for business is the ability to optimize and reduce expenses. This is relevant not only for small businesses where expense reduction is a critical issue for survival, but also for large companies where analysts are constantly striving to optimize processes and reduce the cost of products or services. With AI, it is possible to write texts, create images, and thus reduce expenses on copywriters or designers. However, it is important to consider the project’s complexity, so the results that the neural network outputs must be verified in any case.

AI is also capable of taking on the role of a consultant on a variety of issues – tasks that a hired coach can do. Undoubtedly, with some caveats and allowances, it is difficult to deny that a neural network can maintain a meaningful dialogue, while staying within the bounds of the prescribed role. And often, this is sufficient for the user. The neural network is also capable of high-quality translation of text into different languages.

Benefits for Employees

Depending on the field of activity, regular employees can also benefit from using the capabilities of neural networks at work. In this case, AI acts as an assistant to a specialist. By using a chatbot to work with, it is possible to expedite the completion of daily tasks, expand knowledge on professional topics and even delegate specific tasks fully to AI – for example, a programmer can request the writing or optimizing of programming code, while a copywriter may want to create many variations of a text descriptions on the same topic. Whatever the task may be, the use of AI will expand the possibilities of the employee and free up their time for other tasks.

The active integration of neural networks into business, economy and even everyday life, will not reduce job opportunities for professionals but will even expand employment niches. One of the new professions that has emerged thanks to AI is a specialist in composing requests to neural networks, known as prompt engineering. Additionally, someone will always be needed to process the results provided by the chatbot. This can only be done by people, at least until the next generation of neural networks emerges.

Assistance for Creative Professionals

For professionals in creative fields, a neural network can become an endless source of creative ideas. More precisely, it’s all about a joint creativity since it is crucial to submit correct and original requests to AI to expect appealing results. Furthermore, one can delegate routine daily work to the chatbot – provided that the work falls within the range of abilities of artificial intelligence. It is possible to instruct the bot to write a text for a website, social media posts, create illustrations, write recommendations and instructions, translate content and much more. This will leave more time for creative specialists to engage in visionary and inventive activities.

Are negative consequences possible?

Many people are thinking about the negative consequences of working with a neural network. It is possible that they can happen, but it is important to understand that it is not the neural network that can cause harm, but rather it is up to the person to consciously approach interaction with the chatbot and monitor the quality of the results. AI is not human, although it can behave very similarly at times, so there are many different absurd situations that can arise. For example, if you ask AI about a literary character, you may sometimes get an answer inspired by a completely different book. Many have also heard stories about images created by neural networks that show people with six or more fingers on one hand. However, such errors occur because AI’s work is based on the information provided to it, so it may not have enough information in certain areas. But this is a matter of time, since neural networks are self-learning systems, and the more they interact with humans, the more accurate their answers become. Furthermore, developers are constantly working to improve their systems.

Recently, there has also been a lot of information about how users like it when a neural network takes on the role of a psychologist. Some say there are real benefits to this, while actual psychologists warn that such self-reliance can end badly. However, it could also be the opposite – when a person realizes that there is a real benefit to even a neural network acting as a psychologist, they will finally decide to seek the advice of a specialist, even if they were afraid or didn’t think it was necessary before. The way people perceive the results of AI’s work is very individual.

The main conclusion regarding regular users interacting with neural networks is the understanding that even if there is no urgent need for this now or no desire, these algorithms for human-AI communication will eventually be ubiquitous, and it is better to start mastering these principles as early as possible.

And if you don’t want to go through additional registration or pay for services for working with neural networks, GemAIBot from Gem4me will suit you best. By the way, on the same platform, you can share your joint creativity results with your friends and acquaintances and discuss them without leaving the app.

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