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alternatives to Club Penguin

Players of all ages can explore the many free, secure, and enjoyable virtual worlds in our selection of Club Penguin-like games.

Young children could create and communicate with penguin avatars while exploring a vast virtual world full of games, activities, pets (known as Puffles), missions, and objects in the MMO Club Penguin. On March 30, 2017, Club Penguin was formally discontinued. It was replaced by Club Penguin Island, which was also discontinued at the end of 2018.

Club Penguin was spread out over a number of interconnected indoor and outdoor spaces that gave players the freedom to move about while interacting with other players’ penguin avatars. Penguins could also go there and create their own igloos, with paid members getting access to bigger igloos among other perks. Themed parties, which were held regularly on a monthly basis, were another crucial aspect of Club Penguin that served to unite the community.

With a focus on browser-based games, the Club Penguin-like games on this page also provide players with sizable entertaining virtual worlds to explore, play games, and interact with one another. These games provide a tonne of content to explore and are secure for kids of all ages (both with and without a paid membership).

Lady Popular

In the browser-based game Lady Popular for young girls and boys, you have total control over your life as you compete in the fashion world, decorate your apartment, manage a boyfriend, and more. You’ll be surprised by how much depth Lady Popular holds behind its straightforward presentation and interface, which conceal a wealth of fun and gameplay. Lady Popular is available in either your browser (or one of the available mobile apps).

The first step in the Lady Popular experience is for players to create an in-game avatar that will represent them in the game’s virtual fashion world. When creating your avatar, you have options for your eyes, lips, hairstyle, and skin tone. These basic choices can be built upon as you advance in the Lady Popular world, allowing you to further customize your avatar with the levels and money you earn while playing the online game.


For kids and teenagers, Poptropica is a free online game that combines a virtual world with a variety of role-playing elements to let you design your own adventures. Poptropica, which first released a browser-only game in 2007, has since released an iOS and Android app with the same gameplay under the name Poptropica Worlds.

Since it launched, Poptropica has rapidly expanded to over 550 million user accounts, the majority of whom are young children (6–15 years old), drawn in by its online accessibility and straightforward core mechanics that let you explore the game’s vast world.

The gameplay of Poptropica is centered on a variety of islands (more than 30), where users can explore, complete quests, play games, interact with other users, and have their own NPCs waiting to help them.

Popular islands include Shark Tooth Island, Super Power Island, Spy Island, Fairytale Island, Survival Island, and Astro-Knights Island, which are closely related to the available stories and games. Each of these islands has its own distinct theme. A few of these have been temporarily retired to be modernized as part of the transition to a new game engine to counteract the retirement of Flash, but they are expected to be brought back in due course. Players receive a special badge for their achievement and some credits to use in the shop for additional character customization after finishing the main quest of each island.

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Animal Jam

Children’s virtual world Animal Jam features real animal and plant facts woven into entertaining narratives that are backed by National Geographic educational material. Ideal for the adventurous young gamer, Animal Jam also provides a variety of social and gaming elements within its virtual world settings to promote interaction with a young audience of kids, tweens, and even teenagers.

Animal Jam avoids including external advertising in its gaming environment and instead relies on paid game memberships to sustain itself. This strategy applies to every aspect of the virtual world, and Animal Jam’s social, gaming, and educational features all have a consistent focus on safety, education, and fun. Animal Jam has a variety of educational themes to ensure that there is something for everyone, including teamwork, global awareness, planet conservation, wildlife, and other related subjects. The Parent Dashboard, where parents can control access and chat options for their child, is one feature that gives parents more control when compared to games of a similar nature.

Movie Start Planet

Young children and tweens can have a social experience on Movie Star Planet (MSP) where they can live out their desire to be a movie star. The game is playable on Windows, but it has also been made available as apps for iOS and Android with similar gameplay.

Like other games in the genre, Movie Star Planet promotes itself as a secure and entertaining online world for kids to explore. The game has a tonne of content that can be accessed for free (including the mobile apps), but there are purchases that can be made to increase your fame.

What are your plans for Movie Star Planet then? You can express your creativity and social skills while playing the game by interacting with other players, playing games, and even making your own movies. As you engage with the community, you will gain notoriety and StarCoins, which you can use to create better movies by purchasing additional costumes, sets, and animations.


Popular 3D virtual world JumpStart (or World of JumpStart) began as a browser-based adventure and has since changed to a Windows-only adventure. World of JumpStart and the other JumpStart products were created with educational gaming in mind and incorporate learning of math, language, science, geography, and history into a gaming package.

All ages can enjoy World of JumpStart, which features locations like MainStreet, Adventure Canyon, The Enchanted Sanctuary, DownTown, The Beach, and My Neighbourhood that offer a variety of activities and minigames. Players explore the world as customizable characters known as Jumpeez. JumpStart provides a variety of adventures that adapt to the player’s age and educational level.

JumpStart, for instance, concentrates more on addition time reading, spelling, grammar, and the alphabet for children aged 5 to 8, while teaching earth, geology, and chemistry to older children aged 9 to 12. This makes sure that everyone in the family can enjoy JumpStart and won’t feel left out as their older sibling explores. Originally intended for kids as young as 3, JumpStart now has a recommended age of 5 following a recent redesign.

Before beginning their adventure, all players can personalise their Jumpeez, enabling children to immerse themselves in the virtual world. Options for customization within the given safe parameters include skin tone, clothing, accessories, hair, and eye colour.


I hope now you are all aware of Club Penguin’s alternatives. If you liked it, please spread the word to your friends and family and leave a comment below. If you also want to learn about Club Penguin deleted account, read our article on the subject.

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