An Intro to Mini Lathe in Under 10 Minutes

There are almost an infinite number of things that can be made with a small metal lathe. One minute you could make jewelry out of metal, and the next, you could make a metal box to store that jewelry.

As standard parts of the product, it comes with an apron and a cutting tool that can cut or remove metal. This is a part of the carriage assembly that holds the handwheel. One more benefit of micro metal lathes is that they are much smaller and less expensive than their industrial counterparts, which are much bigger and cost more.

So, whether you like working with metal as a hobby or if you have your own business, buying one of these tools will be money well spent. But before making a purchase, it’s important to do enough research. Finding what you’re looking for on the Internet can take a lot of time or be very stressful, depending on how you look. Thankfully, we are here to help.

When choosing our top picks, we took into account things like:

  • The engine’s speed
  • Spindle speed
  • Swing over bed
  • Size of the hole

Best Equip 7″ x 14″ Metal Lathe

This mini lathe is made of high-quality iron and has a 7-inch swing-over bed, a distance of just under 14 inches between the centers, and a 21-millimeter-diameter spindle. It also has nylon gears, which go well with its speed, which can be changed at any time from 0 to 2500 revolutions per minute (RPM).

The tiny benchtop lathe is made with great care and comes with a tool rest, an MT3 spindle taper, an MT2 tailstock taper, and a three-jaw chuck that can center itself. Even though it is easy to use, it can make a wide range of metal turnings because its motor has a 3/4 horsepower rating. This lathe can also do counter-face turning, drilling, threading, and cutting round bar materials.

It has both standard and metric handwheel graduations, a thread range from 12 to 52 TPI, and a dial that shows when the thread is done. This lathe can be run by hand or using the automatic feed rate, which can be set to different speeds. It can also move forward and backward over the range of speeds it offers.

This machine has a T-slotted compound slide and a four-way tool post. With the adjustable compound rest, you can cut your workpiece in a beveled way.


  • Engine with.75 horsepower
  • Spindle speed: 0-2500 RPM
  • Chuck Diameter: 100mm (3.94″)
  • Centers distance: 350mm (13.78″)
  • Swing over bed: 180mm (7.09″)

What we most value:

  • This lathe can make precise depth cuts and keep tolerances.0007 inches by using the cross feed.
  • This lathe is easy to put together once the nuts and bolts have been tightened. Once it is put together, it works well.
  • This lathe can do amazing things because of how it works. The ability to shrink a part from 0.75 inches to 0.494 inches is a big plus.

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