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 Ananthagiri Hills is the most beautiful and spectacular tourist destination in the Indian state Andhra Pradesh. Due to tourism, it has reached the topmost position for tourists in India. Ananthagiri hills are also well-known as a source of water for Osmansagar and Himayat Sagar. The area’s history shows the mediaeval fort,temples,hill town of ancient caves in Ananthagiri. The Ananthagiri hills present the best trekking trails and work for the paradise of trekkers. Wonderfully beautiful and completely shining, the town drain charm mixed with the waft of coffee aroma and beauty of tropical herbage.It is a better place for newly married couples for honeymoon and also for spending vacation with their families. It is a very popular place for trekking and the people who are interested in adventure. 



Ananthagiri hills where you can visit at anytime of the whole year,but it is mostly recommended to visit during the period between October and March.Between the months of winter you can enjoy pleasant weather and the temperature in Ananthagiri hills are found between the 16 degree celsius and 22 degree celsius. So, this is the best time to visit Ananthagiri hills. During this month of time the whole hill looks gorgeous as a bride and you get the sweet smell of fresh coffee beans in the atmosphere that increase the climate altogether. During the period of summer time we are usually avoided to go here due to the rise in temperature upto 40 degree celsius that comes to sticky weather  and during the period of May to August that they are usually known as Monsoon weathers which are unfit for trekking and other activities like boating having the chance of risk due to heavy rainfall.



If you want to visit Ananthagiri hills then you can use three types of transport such as by plane, by vehicle, or by railways.

By Plane:-

The nearest airport to the Ananthagiri hills is Visakhapatnam Airport which is nearly about 58 km. From here you can use any other means of road transport and reach Ananthagiri hills.


By Road:-

People can explore the Ananthagiri hills by taking buses or their own vehicles or by hiring a cab to reach the hill.


By Rail:-

The nearest railway station to the Ananthagiri hills is Srikakulam which is located at a distance of 3 km from the Ananthagiri hills and from there you can take a bus or a cab after the station.


Top 5 Places for Tourists:

The people who love nature, love to adventure, and travellers from all over the nation can visit Ananthagiri hills to enjoy the weekend. The beauty and the loveliness of the Ananthagiri hills attracts the people. You can go to see various places near Ananthagiri hills such as Borra Caves,Padmapuram Gardens and Katiki Waterfalls. Following are the places that you can visit in Ananthagiri hills.


Borra Caves:-

In Vizag there is one of the best places called Borra Caves to visit if you are interested in magic and suspense. Caves is situated in the Anantha Hilla of Araku Valley and you love to explore and trekking here. Borra Caves is the best tourist attraction in the East Coast of India. Borra Caves have the most extraordinary nature and spreaded over the range of 2 sq. km and present at the height of 1400 m. The people who love animals can go to the Borra Caves to see the animals like bats and golden geckos hiding in the niches’ shadows. 


 Ananthagiri Hills:-


Ananthagiri Hills viewpoint is the best spot for tourists to visit and the viewpoint is also well-known as Godamguda Viewpoint, the observer that sees the shining beauty of the hills from a bird’s eye view. Moreover, trekking up to the point is easy. After reaching the top of the hill you can take pictures of the views of the greenery of Ananthagiri hills as a memory and spend time with your partner and enjoy the awesomeness of nature. Ananthagiri Hills is a very popular choice for tourists to get a closer feel of nature and click pictures of supernatural views to look at. 


Padmapuram Gardens:- 

Padmapuram Gardens is the best place among all the places where the people can enjoy and spend times with their loved ones.It is located at a distance of 20 Km in the district Godamguda,Telangana,India famous for Araku Tribal Museum.


Katiki Waterfalls:-

Here you will also enjoy the view of waterfalls in which. Water is falling from the height of 50 feet after the trekking of 2 Km. The view of this waterfall is very awesome and beautiful which attracts the tourists. It is the best place to capture the amazing pictures and. You can also enjoy the views by drinking a cup of coffee. You can also trek in the Ananthagiri hills which are full of adventure and fun. Katiki Waterfalls has the ability to remove all your worries as the onshore breeze. The plants and the quiet sound of the Katiki Waterfalls helps in calming your brain. You can also swim in the water with family and friends and enjoy some stirring moments with others. Katiki waterfalls is the best place to visit Ananthagiri hills.

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