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AP Associated Press strives to be the world’s largest and most trusted news network. By providing accurate and comprehensive information, they ensure the objectivity, accuracy and balance of their reports. They have over 4,000 employees in over 240 offices around the world. It is operated by AP, owned by approximately 1,500 US Daily’s, a non-profit organization through its board of directors and elected board.

AP news is distributed 24/7 thanks to its wide membership,

 Some of which are domestic, but reaches both commercial and international customers. Bringing information dissemination platform to another platform, AP News reports and articles are continuously updated on its online news portal. The AP Digital Photo Network is considered the most advanced and advanced in the industry. In addition to a world-class television news service, The Associated Press also has one of the largest radio networks in the United States, one of the best commercial digital photo archives and a photo library with more than 10 million viewers.

AP Global Sports Report is considered one of the most comprehensive and detailed sports news reports around the world and is produced by a talented team of reporters and photographers. His sports report collects nearly 35,000 photos and stories from around the world and compiles them into one comprehensive product. Everything from sports related information to sports, activities, events and drama is also broadcast on these numbers 24 hours a day.

Associate Press itself has a network of 1,700 weekly,

 Daily and university newspapers in the United States. It also has a 스포츠중계 joint venture, SNTV, whose news service is received by around 500 international broadcasting companies. It has 850 radio news affiliates. In addition to all this, AP broadcasts news in approximately 121 countries in four languages. International subscribers have translated this news into many other languages. Of the 4,000 global staff covering many aspects of communications, administration and editorial, around 3,000 are paid journalists.

Founded in 1846, AP has become a reliable source of information and independent news. His work is so highly regarded that he has won 49 Pulitzer Prizes, including 30 for photography, the most of any news organization.

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