Apple’s Oldest Gadgets Vs Latest Gadgets

Apple has always won hearts with its influential innovations and superior tech. The billion-revenue brand had faced massive evolution since 1976 when it released its first gadget. Apple products have been a major blockbuster for a long time, and we are proud to announce them becoming the world’s famous status symbol. Apple’s evolution is more interesting each time we look back at where it started and what it has become. Let’s time travel a few decades back and check out some of Apple’s mind-blowing inventions. 

The Power Book (1991) 

A hundred models of PowerBook came on Earth, and all releases were more significant than the previous models. PowerBooks underwent a lot of redesign and remodeling on the way to 2006 and were competing for laptops in that era. PowerBook resembled laptops due to smoother processors and monochrome screens with an entire computer system in a portable body. Apple discontinued its releases in 2006 when it released a line of modern MacBooks and iBooks. PowerBooks transformed into the Macs we use today! MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are hot selling today, but back then, PowerBook 100 was an old favorite. If you are ever looking for a trustworthy website for mac repair or mac screen repair, do check our techy for all the repairs on all the latest and greatest devices of all time.

Apple CD and Speakers (1993) to IPod (2001) 

When they say kids of the 1990s to 2000s had incredible teen years, they did! Before the era of smartphones, the music industry was the heart of teenagers. Apple produced speakers, CD players, and Apple TV. Afterward, they shifted to changing the entire game to iPods. The evolution of iPods was hell good because from 2001 to 2019, its models just inclined to history’s sweetest device! We love how iPods 1st and 4th upgraded from just music to color display in just three years. After its mini, Nano, and shuffle versions, the first touch iPod series gave goosebumps too! The first touch iPod came in 2007 with Wi-Fi and a multi-touch interface featuring Safari and wireless capability. It was just a cooler version of the iPhone before the iPhone itself! Though iPhone repair and iPod spare parts have been a problem, people prefer purchasing new models.  

The Newton Message Pad (1989) to iPad (2011) 

We just whooshed you again to 1989 because we cannot miss Apple’s Newton Pad. It is a product released back 29 years ago! It runs on four triple A batteries, and its interface has an electronic ink-like appearance. Easy for texts, lists, messages, faxes, and emails. It was an impressive invention, being the tiny pocket-portable computer at hand. Apple introduced modern communication systems and upgraded them with engineering magic! If you are wondering what happened to it, Newton Message Pad has transformed into an iPad! Regular iPad came in 2011, but the rest of its sorts, such as Air, Minis, and Pros, obviously have sharper features, faster core processors, and the latest iOS. 
Apple gadgets’ are one long list of successes, and we can’t wait to share more next time! If you are an Apple user or want to buy iPhone, then check out Experimax for hot-selling Apple devices.

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