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As you will have understood, having a marketing strategy for a company is of vital importance, so much so that no brand can do without it. In fact, the success of your business depends on it in terms of a number of factors:

  • Generation of new contacts;
  • conversions;
  • Loyalty of existing customers;
  • Promotion of products and the brand;
  • Company turnover.

It is therefore important to be able to develop an effective marketing strategy from the start that incorporates all the points that we have seen in the previous paragraphs or in any case those that are functional in identifying your target and expanding your profit margins.

If you find it difficult to manage some of these activities and implement your business marketing plan, you can safely seek support from an expert like secuserv.

Advertising campaigns

An effective marketing strategy must include, in addition to techniques aimed at increasing organic traffic, also those aimed at obtaining paid traffic. In addition to social advertising, I am obviously referring to effective Google ADS campaigns.

These tools can obviously intimidate those who have little experience using tools such as Google ADS (formerly AdWords). However, creating your own ad account on Google is not at all difficult, and once you’ve entered the system, you can also create a search network campaign (ads posted near Google search results), a display campaign (ads and banners published on sites and applications whose content is related to your activity and/or the areas of interest of your customers) or a Shopping campaign, essential if we are talking about e-commerce .

However, always keep in mind that PPC campaigns, especially if done without the support of an expert, can be very expensive and often inconclusive in relation to the objectives set. This is why, in this case too, the support of a Swiss web agency can be essential.

Email Marketing Strategies

Obtaining your customers’ email address is much easier than having their address and phone number, which is why email marketing will always continue to be a useful strategy for businesses looking to promote effectively on the web. .

However, it is clear that over time it has been necessary to introduce new technologies related to DEM campaigns capable of increasing both the opening rate and conversions.

Among these, the most interesting and profitable to date are certainly the Marketing Automation strategies by e-mail which allow each user subscribed to the newsletter to be sent an e-mail with targeted content according to his interests. This, as you can easily guess, definitely increases the chances that sending your message will result in a purchase.

Marketing Automation Strategies

As foreseen in the previous paragraph, today it is possible to obtain much more effective marketing strategies thanks to Marketing Automation technologies, which can concern both email marketing, social networks and Google Advertising campaigns. .

Obviously, to use these systems, it is necessary to have management software that can store a lot of important profiling data about users so that it can be used for the creation and sending of messages and/or ‘advertisement.

These tools are therefore not only useful for better storing and preserving information, but also for optimizing the creation of content with the creation of increasingly personalized communications.

Marketing Automation tools have therefore shown that they can:

  • Increase conversion rates;
  • Improve the ROI, ie the return on investment of your campaigns.

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