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bali pass trek

There aren’t many trails which allow one to feel the pure splendor of the Himalayan passes crossing. It connects Har Ki Dun valley with Yamunotri The Bali Pass is a thrilling route. It traverses the intersection of Tons as well as Ruinsara rivers, the peace in the Ruinsara Valley, and the dense grasslands of Devsu Thach. This trek will allow you to plunge in The Himalayas.

Soon, greenery will open the way for an alpine area. At 16,207 feet at an altitude of 16,207 feet, Bali Pass is the highest point in India. Bali Pass proposes a 360-degree panorama across The Bandarpoonch, Kalanag and Swargarohini mountains. This is not an easy feat since this trek is challenging and is only suitable for those who have experience.

While on the hike, you can explore the holy glacial lake “Ruinsara Tal’, and continue to trek along the Yamunotri Pass to the blessed holy location that is Yamunotri Temple. Yamunotri Temple. In addition, it is included in the list the most virgin treks in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. The top attractions of this Trek include – Ruinsara Lake, Govind Pashu National Park, Devshu Bugyal and Damini Rich Meadows, and Odari Yamunotri Temple.


Bali trek itinerary:

Bali Pass trek, Here is the most efficient itinerary that you can follow to finish the trek.


Day 1. Dehradun towards Sankari.

Distance to drive is 186 km and driving time is between 9 and 10 hours.

8-9 hours (1920 meters) over night in the hotel.

It is believed that the Bali pass trek will begin at Dehradun and is an ideal choice for those looking for a trip near Delhi. Travelling along the Tons stream, and through towns in Uttarakhand such as Damta, Purola, Mori and Netwar We will eventually get to the central point in Sankri.


Day 2: Kotgaon-Chilurgad Trek.

First, take a take a drive to Kotgaon from Kotgaon to Taluka. Then, you can go towards Chilurgad. Chilurgad trek.

Drive Distance is 12 km Drive Time is 1 hour. Trek Distance: 11km trek Duration7 hrs of trek The elevation gain is from 6,520 feet to 8,160 feet.

DAY 3: Chilurgad – Devsu Thach.

Distance of trek is 6 km . The duration is about 4-5 hours. Altitude rise will be between 8,160 feet to 9,795 feet.

DAY 4: Devsu Thach- Ruinsara Tal.

Trek Distance: 10 km and the duration of the trek is 4 to 5 hours

Gain in altitude – 9,795 feet to 11,715 feet.

DAY 5: Ruinsara Tal-Thanga.

Distance to trek: Time- 3 hours. Altitude gain is 11,715 feet to 13,080 feet.

DAY 6: Thanga-Advanced base camp via Odari (Bali Pass Base Camp).

Distance to trek: 5 km | Time is 5-6 hours

Altitude gain will range from 13,080 feet to 15,100 feet.


Day 7 Advance Base Camp – Lower Damini by Bali Pass.

Distance of the trek: 14 km | Duration Altitude loss will be 15,100 feet up to 10,080 ft via 16.207 inches (Bali passes).

Day 8. Lower Damini up to Dehradun by Janakichatti.

Trek Distance: 6 km Trek duration is 1 hour

Drive Distance : 169 km Driving time- 8 hours will be 10,080 to 8,270 feet.

Travel tips:

Bali pass is situated at an elevation of around 5000 metres. It is essential if you have previous experience of hiking.

It is crucial to prepare yourself at least a month prior to the hike.

Take a few days before you set out to ensure that you are able to adapt to the surroundings and conditions at high altitude.

Find a knowledgeable trekking guide to guide you on the hike. They’ll have more experience and know-how regarding the trek.

How do you get there?

You could arrange a cab from the Dehradun pick-up point, however the cost may have to be paid for in the price. The transportation cost could be split among trekkers who have signed to participate in the Bali pass trek.


Bali Pass Camp can be reached via the following routes:


By Air:

The nearest airport in Dehradun can be found at Jolly Grant Airport, which is located about 25 kilometers away and is easily accessible. It is serviced with daily flights from New Delhi. There are flights available from the entire country to Dehradun and you can book online your tickets. These are easy and straightforward ways to go about it and also help you save time. Taxis are readily available from the airport from Dehradun each one costing about Rs. 1000/*, one-way payment directly


The railway station located in Dehradun is easily accessible via train. Two overnight trains depart from Delhi and arrive at Dehradun: the Nandadevi Express and the Dehradun Express. Trains are generally preferred over flights because they let you enjoy the scenery with all its beauty and are more affordable and will surely delight in your journey to Dehradun.

Nanda Devi Express to Dehradun

(Train No. 12206 Leaves at 11:11 p.m. to Dehradun in 5:45 a.m.

Dehradun Express- to Dehradun

Trains that run both nights departing from Dehradun up to New Delhi – Dehradun’s special air-conditioned train departing from Hazrat Nizamuddin station is the ideal choice for you.



It is possible to reach Dehradun from Delhi via bus, and then boarding at (Delhi) Kashmir Gate ISBT It is best when you’ve reserved seats.


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