BBC iPlayer not working with NordVPN On iPhone And Or iPad: Try These Easy Fixes!

BBC iPlayer

NordVPN is one of the top VPNs for iPad and is often recommended as a way to unblock BBC iPlayer when abroad. However, some users report that NordVPN sometimes does not work with BBC iPlayer on their iPhones or iPad. 

If you’re having problems streaming BBC iPlayer with NordVPN, don’t worry – we have some simple solutions. Keep reading to find out how to fix the NordVPN BBC iPlayer error:

  1. Select A VPN That Works With BBC iPlayer

The BBC’s attempt to prohibit VPNs has become a costly battle for providers, leading most of them to concede the loss. Our best VPN for iPlayer guide recommends various services that will unblock BBC iPlayer because there aren’t many. 

ExpressVPN is our top choice since it boasts fast servers, innovative features like an intelligent DNS that makes it simple for users to watch iPlayer on their TV, and it unblocks Netflix and other services.

It’s essential to confirm that your preferred provider allows access to iPlayer. Try their website or contact customer service if you’re having trouble finding a clear answer.

 However, this won’t ensure that you’ll have a problem-free experience, which is why we offer additional recommendations to assist you in troubleshooting.

  1. Turn The VPN Off And Then On Again

One of the oldest techniques is to turn something off and back on, but there is a reason for this. Companies frequently have numerous servers in one area, so if you refresh your connection, another, more capable server with access to BBC iPlayer may connect.

After turning your VPN on and off again, go to BBC iPlayer and reload the page to see if it is functioning correctly.

  1. Update the Geolocation Data of Your Browser

It’s conceivable that the VPN won’t work correctly if your browser is providing the BBC with geolocation information. Try refreshing the geolocation information in your browser to see if it helps.

Each browser employs a slightly different technique, however for Google Chrome:

To access Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security, click Place and activate “Ask before accessing.”

  1. Connect The VPN To A Different Server

You might keep trying different UK servers until you discover one that works. However, VPN services frequently reserve particular servers just for BBC iPlayer. Try manually switching from one specified server to another.

You can speak with the customer service department of your provider to learn which servers you should use.

  1. Delete Your Cookies

You’ll probably need to erase your cookies and cache if restarting your browser doesn’t work (and you are sure you are connecting to a compatible server).

It is well known for the BBC to store cookies and track pixels in your browser, enabling it to determine your precise location. To give your system a refresh and allow iPlayer access, you must remove them.

  1. Switch to Using a Browser

Likely, the BBC iPlayer app for Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS is disclosing your location when you try to stream iPlayer using it. Instead, try using your browser and opening a tab to your iPlayer account. This ought to make the VPN operate more effectively.

A different choice is to try a different browser, like Firefox. If all else fails, try using a mobile device and request that your browser shows you the page’s desktop version rather than the one designed for mobile devices.

  1. Restart Your Browser

If you haven’t shut down your browser recently, iPlayer might be acting a little “sticky.” Occasionally, even after connecting to the correct VPN server and pressing refresh, iPlayer won’t function if you access it while connected to the incorrect server. When this occurs, it is an excellent idea to restart your browser to resolve the problem hopefully.

  1. Fix Any WebRTC Leaks

WebRTC leaks, like DNS leaks, can sabotage your VPN experience by revealing your actual location. It is unlikely that this is your issue because, as with DNS leaks, none of the VPNs we suggest for watching iPlayer experience these leaks.

You might need to stop a WebRTC leak using an arbitrary VPN that should be compatible with iPlayer. You must install Easy WebRTC Block as an extension on Chrome. Either of these fixes will work if the issue is due to a WebRTC leak.

  1. Fix Any DNS Leaks

DNS leaks can provide the BBC with information about your location, which will cause your VPN connection to become inaccessible. You may have a DNS leak if you use a virtual private network (VPN) intended to operate with iPlayer. You need to remedy the leak.

  1. Contact Your VPN’s Customer Support Team

One other thing you may do if your VPN stops working after you’ve completed the previous nine steps in this article is to contact your VPN’s customer care for assistance directly.

Using live chat whenever problems arise is worthwhile because many suppliers now give it 24/7 for quicker interactions. They can let you know if the service is having problems or send you the correct way to resolve your issue.

Why is BBC Blocking Your VPNs?

Because the network receives revenue from the yearly renewal of UK TV licenses, BBC iPlayer makes its repertoire available to local consumers without charge. The BBC earns significantly more money abroad by granting rights to other networks. 

The BBC has gone above and above to refuse VPN connections, prohibiting overseas customers from viewing content that would otherwise require them to pay a subscription to another provider. This is done to safeguard the investment of its partners.


NordVPN is one of the most popular VPNs on the market, and while it usually works great with streaming services like BBC iPlayer, we’ve had some reports that users are having trouble connecting. If you’re having problems getting NordVPN to work with BBC iPlayer on your iPhone or iPad, try these simple steps, and you should be up and running in no time. 


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