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Electric Bike

Want something so efficient it would make a Prius look like a Hummer? Think electric. Electricity will soon take over transportation. It’s cleaner, it’s cheaper, and it is unimaginably more efficient. The vehicle leading the charge right now is the electric bike.

Hovsco ebikes are awesome adaptations to the normal manually driven bike. They have a great range (5-15 miles is average) and speed. some commercial brands like crystallite go over thirty miles an hour. And here’s a secret that will make your bike more powerful and more speedy: Make your Own!

It’s not as scary as you think. If you have five hundred dollars and a few power tools, you can make a very good electric bike all by yourself. Just look up the plethora of forums, blogs, and project hobbyists and you will have the resources you need to choose however you want to make it. You can even find designs for seventy-two volts of power and it is  EASY TO BUILD!

An electric bike can be a lot of fun no matter who you are. Whether you’re a hardcore cyclist or just need to get out of the house a little more, an electric bicycle can open up a whole new world to you. Here are a few of the reasons to look into getting an electric bike.

Getting Around

If you cycle now and then but always find yourself packing it in a little earlier than you might like, an electric bike will give you the juice to go that extra mile or two (or three) and see more of the area around you. If you drive everywhere, an electric fat tire bike will allow you to just enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy moving around in a more intimate, direct way.

When driving your car, you get there quickly, sure, but what you don’t experience is the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and shoulders, you don’t smell the fresh air or feel the gravel under your feet when you stop for a drink of water. Your car separates you from the terrain it moves you across, the electric bike makes you a part of it.


When you’re a cyclist and you use an electric bicycle, you can use it to pedal a little more. You can make a deal with yourself: go far with the motor and then pedal back, or you can just pedal until you can’t pedal anymore, safe in the knowledge that your electric motor will get you home by dark. If you don’t cycle much, or at all, then an electric bike may be the way to get started.


Simply put, riding a bike can be a whole lot of fun. You can move much faster and over much greater distances than you can with a traditional bike. This allows you to get outdoors a little more, and get more exercise, but most importantly it brings back that feeling of fun and freedom you had bicycling as a kid, it brings back the fun and freedom you felt when you got your first car. It’s just plain fun, it frees you up and it gets you around.

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