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Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Event 

Online and offline events can be a really helpful way to bring more conversions to your brand. So, are you using these to get more awareness, sales, and subscribers?

Well, it is an amazing way to use inbound marketing agency to improve your results. So, do you know which digital marketing stuff you need to do? Well, do you know how to use SEO, social media marketing, and voice search optimization?

This article will inform you on how to help promote your event.


SEO is an amazing way to get your events to the top of a search engine. So, you should read about these tactics for better marketing.

Know your Goals

You should always start a marketing campaign only when you know your goals. So, try to understand what means the most for your event’s success.

Whether you need more ticket sales to earn revenue and profit? Or, do you need a great event to create more awareness around your brand? You could be looking for more sales at the event to get the best results you need.

Some brands would look for a great number and quality of social mentions. More event impressions can be another one you can go for. So, it is up to you what you want to achieve with your event.

This factor would also influence which platform you should use for the purpose.

Use a Landing Page

The landing page would matter a lot when you are looking to use SEO for this purpose. You should ensure that your event name is on your landing page.

Some other pieces of information you must provide on this page are:

  • Let your audience know your event’s exact date and time. 
  • Offering directions for your event is a must thing never to be forgotten.
  • Make sure that you offer ticket information on the landing page.
  • Try using relevant images for your event.

Some other SEO techniques also work well for event marketing. For instance, you must try using great title tags and meta descriptions. Using an event schema can really boost your marketing efforts for search engines.

Make sure you add a CTA for your landing page to perfect the results.

Use your leads and local plus national press to create amazing hype.

On-Page and Off-Page

Some other marketing techniques that you can try within SEO are on-page and off-page ones. Try to create great blogs for link building and use keywords for your website.

Make sure that you use readability-optimized content for your marketing stuff. You should use headings and subheadings to make it super readable. Also, you should use alt texts to improve your results perfectly.

Voice SEO

Voice SEO is a newer and yet rapidly emerging way to get more traffic for your landing page. So, you should know which voice assistants are the best for such efforts. The experts believe that you should optimize your content for Google as Siri and Google Assistant both use it.

The difference Between Voice and Typed Research

You should also consider understanding the difference existing between voice and typed search. The experts believe the two have several key variations you should know well. For instance, voice search tends to be more conversational. So, Rank Math and Google hummingbird have made a big difference.

As marketers, we know that these updates have made Google more semantic. So, you have to create content more semantically.

Keyword Research for Voice 

You should learn to research keywords for such marketing efforts. Some things you should know for voice search keywords are:

  • Voice search keywords tend to be longer. 
  • You can use Answer the Public for such efforts as it works best. The tool is mostly paid, and it can really help you boost your marketing efforts.
  • Use FAQ pages with conversational questions and optimize for position zero and snippets.

Optimize Content for Voice Search? 

Make sure you optimize your content for voice search for the best results. Optimize it for the local search and use long-tail keywords in your content. Try to use any of the following words for better content creation results:

How, can, could, should, who, what, when, where, why, was, do, does, would, which, Is, and are. 

At the same time, you should offer simple answers and answer with direct language.

Social Media Marketing During and Before

Social media marketing during and before the event can heavily help your campaigns. So, start with finding the right social platform for your marketing. Then, you should also create a hashtag to use for the event marketing effort.

Make sure you reach out to top influencers in your market and create content consistently. Never start without any information about your event; make sure you give it from the start.

You must create a sense of fear of missing out or FOMO for your event. Offering promo codes to your guest and speakers through social media can help. Let people know what you are offering them and try to let them speak about that on social. 

These methods can help you get Instagram followers with amazing results for your Instagram marketing. Also, use live streams for your digital marketing to broadcast them. Try using hashtags in the event you are promoting and use videos.

Using event testimonials is an amazing way to get people to know about your brand. One of the ways to achieve it is using testimonials by asking questions from your attendees.

Final Thoughts

We discussed some of the top marketing methods to promote your events online. You can read about using SEO, voice search optimization, digital marketing, and social media marketing for that. 

The use of landing pages, meta descriptions, and tags are must-haves. Knowing your goals and offering the right info is recommended. Use a landing page and on-page plus off-page search engine optimization. 

Learn to do keyword research, content optimization, and long-tail keywords for the voice search part. Make sure you use hashtags, fear of missing out, and testimonials for this purpose. This tactic can surely help you get Instagram likes, so leverage these for perfection.

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