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Being aware of the impact of our actions(Furniture shops in Sunderland) on the environment is an essential aspect. Given the speedy pace at which we consume natural resources. If you’re on an environmental goal and are looking to take action to save the planet by using green furniture. It’s the ideal way to begin. Replacing your office and home furniture with eco-friendly versions is a fantastic method to introduce the idea of sustainable living to your home and make an essential step in protecting the environment. Check now

We’ve put together our five best options to help you choose the best materials for eco-friendly furniture. Once you’ve got an explicit knowledge of the alternatives you can choose from and your options. You’ll be more able to make an informed choice. A simple way to play your part to help save the planet is to rent furniture at home instead of buying it.

If you rent furniture for your home, it is possible to avoid the moral pitfalls of purchasing furniture for your home constructed from freshly cut wood exclusively for you. Homedesign offers high-quality furniture available for rental from the most trusted manufacturers in the market, and all furniture items arrive in perfect quality. Even though they’re not brand new.


If you’re considering whether you could use furniture made of wood within your home when you’re looking to become more eco-friendly. The answer is yes! The choices for furniture made from wood are reclaimed wood and new wood that is sourced sustainably.

Reclaimed wood is made up of made from recycled wood. Which is usually from the old furnishings or pieces which are used to build new furniture, including chairs, tables as well as beds. Sustainable methods of acquiring wood include having a farm that has trees specifically planted to be used for furniture or cutting just branches and the top of the tree to ensure it will grow back.

If more people use recycled wood or use only wood produced sustainably. The chopping of forest trees will decrease significantly. Which is environmentally friendly.


Recycling is beneficial for the environment and is widely known to everyone. Bringing gorgeous furniture to your home is essential without damaging the surroundings. Most furniture materials such as wood, textiles, glass, wood, fiber, and more can be recycled.

Furniture made of recycled materials consumes fewer resources and takes less time than furniture constructed from new materials and fabrics. In the face of a growing population and decreasing natural resources. Recycling materials to make furniture is the best future.

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The most well-known option for eco-friendly furniture, bamboo has the sought-after double benefits of durability and beauty. Bamboo is a very versatile material suitable for anything from contemporary furniture such as bookshelves and coffee tables to even flooring.

It is among the most sustainable furniture materials available online bamboo proliferates after being cut and is a breeze to use. Bamboo furniture can also be used outdoors and is significantly more weatherproof than other furniture materials. In addition, when you buy bamboo furniture. You’ll be assured that there were no pesticides used to develop the bamboo and that the furnishings you purchase will last for a long time.


Rattan is a climbing vine-like plant located in the tropical jungles of China, Asia, and Malaysia. The outer bark of the palm is used to cane. The inner reed-like portion can be used to weave furniture made of wicker. Rattan is a durable weatherproof furniture material that’s elegant and easy to maintain.

There are two main types of rattan. However, synthetic and natural. However, more than 600 palm species are readily available throughout the globe. The good news is that both natural and artificial types of rattan are sustainable and environment-friendly.

Rattan furniture is among the most attractive and is often utilized in patios, balconies, backyards, and hotel gardens. Bring home a classy collection of rattan furniture. Decorate your home with sturdy and unique green furniture too!


If you’ve got lots of furniture that you want to change out. We’ve got the most eco-friendly option. Cotton and hemp that are carbon footprint friendly are both harvested from renewable sources. Which means that you aren’t in danger of depleting their resources.

It is a durable and rigid material. Hemp grows with no harmful chemicals and proliferates. However, making it an eco-friendly option for furniture upholstery. The method used to produce organic cotton is environmentally sustainable and ethical.

The high quality of the comfort provided by organic cotton makes it ideal for upholstery for sofas and couches and dining chairs. However, a myriad of other furniture. If you reupholster your furniture using hemp or organic cotton. However, you will not see the necessity of buying new furniture and preventing burdening the earth.

These are the top five green materials for your office and home furniture you can select from. Pick one based on your budget, requirements, accessibility, and the style of home you would like to achieve.

In addition to offering top-quality furniture. Homedesign also provides professional interior design consultations. Are you unsure of how to make your home more eco-friendly? Greener way? Our in-house interior design experts can help you out. Explore our furniture rental collection and get in touch with our skilled interior designers to arrange a free and detailed consultation on interior design.



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