Biolife shares have dropped precipitously due to a number of issues

Despite being extremely hazardous, turnaround plays can be found in the land of multi-baggers. BioLife shares have fallen precipitously as a result of a number of problems, including as a supply chain that cannot keep up with the firm’s acquisition-heavy growth strategy. Management changes and NASDAQ compliance issues are also present. However, BioLife has already made adjustments to address those core issues.

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It’s crucial to monitor numerous company changes when investing in the biotech industry. After all, the fundamentals dictate the future direction of your equities. So the question is BioLife: Can This Company Successfully Turn Around?

Businesses Change Throughout Time

As a result, businesses change throughout time. While some growing companies will continue to expand rapidly, others won’t be able to manage massive growth. Consequently, staying current on the investment story will provide you a competitive advantage in the stock market.

You can see that I’m a major supporter of BioLife: Can This Company Successfully Turn Around?. I therefore favor logistics companies for biotech entrepreneurs. Cryoport (CYRX) is one such business that produced outstanding outcomes. The other top business in this industry is BioLife Solutions, Inc.

The Business Is Currently Undertaking Significant Changes

 number of fundamental worries have recently affected BioLife: Can This Company Successfully Turn Around?. As a result, the business is currently undertaking significant changes in an effort to turn things around. I think BioLife has a decent chance to make a comeback at this “transitioning stage.” I’ll give you a fundamental update on BioLife and outline my expectations for this growth equity in this study.

About The Company

I’ll give a quick corporate overview to potential investors as usual and the question BioLife: Can This Company Successfully Turn Around?. I advise moving on to the next part if you are familiar with the company. The main manufacturer of bioproduction goods and a logistical service provider for the cell/gene therapy (CGT) and biopharma industries, BioLife is based in Bothell, Washington. BioLife is in a great position to benefit from the significant industry tailwind as CGT expands rapidly.

Vast Market And Strong Customer Base

As you can see, the CGT industry is quickly growing. BioLife: Can This Company Successfully Turn Around? As a result, numerous logistical enterprises, including those below (lab freezers, cold chain packing, and biopreservation media/equipment), would have benefited greatly from this wonderful development. For example, in the following two to three years, the cold chain packaging, lab freezers, and biopreservation media/equipment segments would expand to $5 billion, $4 billion, and $5 billion, respectively. You can expect those numbers to gap up even faster over time as we go toward CGT.

Biolife Is Able To Provide Services To A Number

BioLife: Can This Company Successfully Turn Around? The benefit of working in an industry with a tailwind is that. A little work can go a long way toward successful growth. In addition to serving a vast market, BioLife is able to provide services to a number of prestigious and new clients, including Kite Pharma (GILD), Celgene Corp (BMY), and Novartis AG (NVS).

Along with assisting emerging compounds, BioLife: Can This Company Successfully Turn Around? Well BioLife also looks after approved medicines like Yescarta/Tecartus from Kite, Breyanzi/Abecma from Celgene, and Zynteglo/Skysona from bluebird bio, Inc. (BLUE). As you may expect, having reputable clients like Novartis says a lot about how well-run the company is. After all, great businesses have high standards for output.

Dependable Business Operations

Now that you’ve changed gears, you should examine the specific trends in the three business operations of BioLife. BioLife: Can This Company Successfully Turn Around? Well  The three activities, cell processing (“CP”), freezers/thaw systems (“FTS”), and storage/storage services (“SSS”), all showed impressive revenue growth from Fiscal 2020 to Fiscal 2021, as seen in the image below.

You can anticipate that CP, FTS, and SSS will expand by 50%, 37%, and 48%, respectively, for this year. The total revenue for Fiscal 2022 is projected to vary from $159.5 million in the low estimate to $171.0 million in the high estimate.

Expanding Through Merger And Acquisition

You can see from the following graph that both existing companies and recently acquired subsidiaries contributed to growth. BioLife: Can This Company Successfully Turn Around? Well You can see from my research on Cryoport that expanding through merger and acquisition (M/A) is a very smart and effective strategy. After all, it generates skyrocketing increase in earnings and revenues.

Issue With Stirling Ultra Freezer

Even if M/A produces fantastic growth, not all acquisitions will result in quick and painless outcomes. After all, integration problems still needed to be fixed. I believe that almost all businesses involved in M/A will experience integration problems. The problems get worse as the acquisition gets bigger.

Biolife Encountered Difficulties Integrating Its Stirling ULT Acquisition

BioLife: Can This Company Successfully Turn Around? In that regard, BioLife encountered difficulties integrating its Stirling ULT acquisition. That is to say, the corporation incurred expenses of $1.3M as a result of Stirling operational problems. Additionally, the “supply-chain” limitation is related to this. Particularly, there is a huge demand for items, and Stirling’s lone supplier was unable to keep up with the company’s rapid expansion. As you are aware, COVID significantly impacted the whole global supply chain.

The Earnings Call’s Leadership Is Highly Transparent

At the height of the pandemic, any flaw would cause the chain to break. As you are aware, a business will always face new challenges. The fact that the management is honest about it is crucial. In this instance, the earnings call’s leadership is highly transparent. Additionally significant, biolife promotions  Methods have dealt with problems with a variety of solutions (no pun intended here).

The President/COO (Rod De Greef) stated that we have virtually finished the key vendor transition we discussed on the previous call and will continue to use the original vendor to support our dual source strategy moving forward.

Numerous Significant Management Changes

We have implemented numerous significant management changes in the Stirling operations organization to ensure that the right people are in the proper roles, which was not always the case. At the Athens factory, we’ve reorganized the supply chain team and added another senior member to the operations team.

Our VP of Manufacturing, who has been with the company since 2019, is in charge of implementing the dual source strategy and making use of higher purchasing volumes to pursue cost savings. She has been tasked with managing all critical vendor relationships across the entire organization, including those at Stirling.

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