Blooket: 7 Reasons Why It’s the Best Student Engagement Tool


Blooket is the most effective way to keep students engaged. That’s it, I said it and I’m serious about it. I am a gifted teacher for students in the elementary grades and this is the year 15 in my professional career. I work with every day, from the first grade through fifth grade. my experience is that I’ve never witnessed this level of engagement in all grades before.

No matter what grade the players all keep a high level of interest every time they play Blooket. In addition, they want to play it again and time, regardless of the topic we’re studying or how difficult it may be. The desire to play Blooket constantly is an important reason why Blooket is the most effective way to keep students engaged.

What is Blooket?

My personal opinion is that Blooket is the best method to get students involve, however in terms of explaining Blooket to people who aren’t familiar about it. Blooket offers a platform for gaming that is able to assist students in practicing and build their abilities. It’s like other review-style platforms such as Kahoot, Gymkit and Quizlet Live to mention just some. But, Booklet has been upstaging the older favorites and is now consider to be the most effective way to interact with students.

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How Blooket Works?

You’re probably wondering what Blooket is made of and what it is that makes it so appealing for students. In short, as I stated that it provides content in the form of games, a multi selection game. The games, also known as Blookets, are a broad selection of grade level subjects, topics and content. Every Blooket can be presentby teachers in a variety of ways, like in groups, individually or in a group (Blooket in real time) or even assigned as homework. Because of the many options for hosting, Blookets are excellent at keeping engagement and building up students.

 Why is Blooket the Best Way to Engage Students?

After I’ve provided all the information about the basics of what Blooket does and what it can be used for and ways you can utilize it, let’s chat more about the reason why Blooket is the most effective way to motivate students.

1. Blooket lets quizzes be taken from other platforms:

The first reason why it is the best method to get students involved is, in my opinion, the most important factor for teachers. We’ve all spent many hours in making resources on these other platforms, and the first thing you thought of when you saw that there was another option that appeared that claimed to be more appealing was “Nope, I’m not starting over again.” It’s a good thing. You are sure you’re exhausted and waiting for the next one to come along and we’re here to tell you the wonderful information that you don’t need. Blooket lets you bring questions from other sites to use to create Blooket Lives Blooket live or assignments for homework. This does not only help teachers but also improves students’ engagement as there are a range of Blookets that are available, in addition to the set that they have already in the system.

2. Blooket offers a Variety of Game Options:

Another reason that is the best method to engage your students is the one your students will be most interested in, the variety of games available. In all seriousness, they appear to be growing continuously. The creators are also skilled in introducing game modes that are based on current events going on. For instance, they might provide special Christmas or Halloween games. They will also offer special Christmas or Halloween modes. Blooket games are generally restricted (last only for a brief duration) and can greatly increase the level of engagement among students.

3. Blooket can be played in real time or used as homework:

The third reason that Blooket is the most effective way to engage students is a favorite among teachers. Blooket is able to be play live , or be given as homework. If you assign the Blooket to be a homework assignment, it is possible to specify an deadline to allow your Blooket that must be finish. This feature is only applicable to specific game modes so make sure for it when hosting a Blooket and you want to assign it to homework. the mode you’ve chosen is able to be assigned in this manner.

4. Blooket is easy to operate and lets virtual as well as in-person students to communicate

Fourth reason the reason Blooket is the best method to engage students is because it is easy to operate and permits for interaction between students who are virtual and those who are actually in the classroom. The school environment is very different now and could remain for a while. Teachers are no longer accountable for coming up with interesting methods to engaging students in engaging students on their desks at schools, but also students who are learning at home. It is not a task that can be accomplish by merely is not a responsibility that can be accomplished by

5. Blooket is a Platform that Encourages Collaborative and Independent learning:

Another reason to believe that Itis the best method to engage your students and why I think you’ll love it is the fact that it is a tool that can be use to facilitate individual as well as collaborative learning. In all games, teachers have the option to select whether they want students to be working on their own or in a group. I usually offer that option to my students, unless I’m using solely to motivate my students however, but also to test them in a post or pre test.

6. Blooket is Suitable for a Range of Grades and Subjects:

The sixth reason the reason it is the most effective method in engaging students that it’s appropriate for various subjects and grades. I have utilize Blooket with students in the first grade for a pre and post examination on Martin Luther King Jr. It is a great way to test students’ knowledge of and I have also utilized it with fifth graders to test their understanding of decimals.It is a great tool for any purpose, including an examination of comprehension of books, grammar, and writing strategies that can be use to prompt writing. In all the Blookets I’ve held, the degree of participation was very high.

7. Blooket lets players customize their experience

The last reason I’ll give as to the reason is the best method to motivate students is the personalization aspect. Students, once they’ve been to and have entered their code, can choose the animal (or avatar) to represent themselves. It may seem like something small and insignificant but every child I’ve seen has loved it. They are thrill to see their avatar climb through the leaderboard or observe it next to the sabotage they recently release against their classmates. This is another method that Blooket assists students in engaging in the content they are studying.

When I publish a blog on how to best engage your child’s boredom and explore new ways to teach your children online in the classroom, I couldn’t have imagined that a brand new tool for education came along that combined the most effective features of other tools students and educators are accustomed to, but is available for all of us to take pleasure in. I hope you get to try out Blooket very soon to experience how awesome it is to get your students involve as well as your children.

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