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Jaisalmer is famous due to its magnificent Jaisalmer Fort that surrounds the city. Around 3000 people living in Jaisalmer reside inside the confines of the fort. There are homes and temples, and is beautifully interspersed with narrow , winding streets. The city that is golden in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is a well-known tourist attraction not just in India but throughout the globe. Aisalmer is a city that dates from the 12th century.


The history of the time tells us the story of Rawal Jaisal, the eldest lineage heir to Rawal of Deoraj was the first to ascend the crown of Lodurva and his younger half-brother was named King. Rawal Jaisal went in search of a new spot for his capital, when his search led him to the Sage Eesula. The sage informed him of the prophecy of Krishna that one descendant from the Yaduvanshi clan would create an entirely new kingdom in the same spot.


Camel Safari in Jaisalmer:-


Raja kissed me on the nose while I brushed the soft boat out in the desert. He seemed happy while he waited to board his brand new vehicle. Camels have been for a long time the lifeline for desert travellers. Camels are used for safaris in Jaisalmer are only used to provide tourists with a taste of desert.

My top recommendations for a fantastic camel safari in Jaisalmer.


1.Choose the appropriate season 

A camel ride in Jaisalmer is a great idea for entertainment and fun until it’s the middle of April, and you’re melting as temperatures are 40 degrees under the sun. Rajasthan has temperatures that range from 40 to 52 degrees in the summer (April-June) which means you don’t want to choose the wrong time of year!

The period between June and early September is also known as the monsoon time, and while Rajasthan does not experience continuous swells in rain, you do not want to be caught in the rain in the rain!

You could be sleeping out in the open desert and it’d be awful in the event that you were soaked through and through.


In this period, the sunsets aren’t as beautiful because of the cloud cover.

The ideal time to experience the camel safari in Jaisalmer and also visit Jaisalmer’s Thar deserts of Rajasthan could be between September and March since it is the winter time of India.

The warm months are here with warm temperatures and dreamy sunsets that produce skies full of vibrant colors!


2.Do not make a reservation in advance in advance Jaisalmer Camel Safari:-

This is the best advice I can give anyone planning to visit India Don’t book any hotel, transportation, or tourist attractions prior to your trip.


Yes, you can reserve your hotel room for the first night to ensure you’ve got somewhere to go from the airport, however, beyond that, I’d suggest not bothering.


It is not just possible to suffer delays caused by transportation, or be enthralled with the location and wish you’d had longer there, but you could also be paying in excess of the amount on the internet.


3.Don’t select the first option Look around:

Hotel rooms may provide the Jaisalmer camel safari and the teasing on the markets could be convincing, however I would research before deciding on a business.


While every single one of Jaisalmer provides some form of desert safari I’d suggest doing some online research, look up the cost for what’s included, and then decide whether it’s what you’re looking for.

Do not make the mistake of settling for the latter since you might discover it to be expensive or badly organised.


4. See what’s included.


Many of the travelers I talked to complained of being scammed during an Jaisalmer Camelsafari.

They weren’t able to ride a camel or enjoy the food they were expecting wasn’t there.

Although it might not appear to be much but having everything you’d expect can be a sign that you’ll have an amazing camel safari, or not.


Therefore, it is essential to ask these questions prior to making a booking


What sand dunes should we visit?


How long will we be able to


What is included in the meals?


>Will we be sleeping out in the middle of the desert in cots? Do we have blankets that we can use?


Are we planning to camp? What is its name? What equipment will each tent include?


Does water count?


What’s the price?


5.Choose Private Dunes over Sam Sand Dunes 5. Choose Private Dunes over Sam Sand Dunes


The Jaisalmer desert isn’t like Dubai which is awash with pure dunes. It’s actually a desert that has many leaves. There are distinct dune zones which tour operators can visit with tourists.


6.Come prepared and bring your supplies 6. Bring the following items:


The Thar Desert is very hot in the daytime (even during winter) and extremely cold at night.

Also, make sure you have the proper gear to safeguard you from the extreme weather conditions.

Apply sunscreen in the sun’s setting, drink water to keep hydrated, warm clothing for a winter night out in desert.


7.There are experiences to suit all budgets:


Many believe that staying in the desert is”a backpacker’s adventure”. There is no need to be looking for anything when you’re in these areas!

You’ll be attended to at both ends and will leave feeling energized rather than grimy after your stay.


8.Don’t forget to go on your time at Jaisalmer Camel Safari:-


The most important point is to take your time and enjoy the trip! Take in the wonder that is the Thar desert. Meet furry camels and be amazed by the vibrant colors of the sunset, and take a look at the vastness of the stars!

There’s not much sunlight pollution within the desert, and thousands of stars will be shining for you.


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