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I enrolled for camping in jaisalmer as the thought of stargazing at night was too tempting to resist.

I joined a group of people later, and we started in the afternoon.

The hot weather didn’t dampen our spirits.

I was a newbie in the gang.

We chatted while leaving Jaisalmer city.

The jeep safari in Jaisalmer to the Thar Desert National Park had just begun.

Where is the Thar Desert? And Why You Should Visit?

The Thar Desert is the world’s 18th largest and biggest desert in India.

It spreads across five states in India from the north to the west, with most of the area lying in Rajasthan.

Thar Desert National Park in Jaisalmer.

Apart from the fact that it forms a natural border with neighboring Pakistan, the Thar desert is one of the top places to visit in Jaisalmer.

The camel safari and Thar desert camp experiences are central to Jaisalmer tourism.

It was a fun ride till the terrain changed dramatically as we entered the desert area.

Vegetation was sparse; it suddenly felt hotter, and on either side of the road was a vast stretch of land dominated by just two shades of brown – dark and light and some green.

We passed through a few homes, all built in a typical traditional Rajasthani style.

I loved the simple and elegant design of these homes.

It compensated for the rough climate of the desert.

The road narrowed, the offbeat ride began, and soon we were going amidst the sand.

The thrilling ride led us to the mouth of sand dunes.

Desert Safari Jaisalmer

I sat upon Kali, and she led the safari (Kali is a camel).

I felt scared initially, and the sudden ups and downs were uncomfortable.

I slowly got used to it.

In front of us was the great Thar desert spread wide and far in front of us.

The sand dunes looked beautiful with the natural patterns caused by the wind.

Kali walked with grace and eased, lifting her legs off sand rhythmically.

The sun had begun to go down, and our respective guides led us to the best spot to witness the sunset.

I felt relaxed as the calm wind brought the heat down.

The colors changed in the sky – 

bright yellow looked mellow, and shades of light red appeared on the horizon.

The rising sand dunes seemed very close to the sun.

From afar, the sun seemed to disappear amidst the sand dunes!

Speaking of sand dunes, we reached Sam sand dunes, a perfect place for watching the sunset.

Sam dunes are the most extensive dune site in Jaisalmer, with 45 to 50m tall dunes over which our camels passed.

Most of the campsites in the desert are located within a 2km to 3km radius, including many luxury tents in the Jaisalmer desert.

If you opt for any desert safari tours or Jaisalmer desert camp package, you will most likely spend the night close to the Sam dunes.

Camping in the Thar desert was super fun.

I saw one of the most splendid sunsets I have ever seen.

The hues added many colors at once to this landscape to make up for the colors that the desert missed.

Camping in the Thar Desert

Surrounded by barren land, a galaxy of stars above, a sense of nothingness and emptiness passed through my thoughts as the night set in.

The desert evokes these emotions, and as thousands of stars take over the night sky, you can’t help feeling like a speck of dust in this vast space called the universe.

The chilling cold came with the onset of the night, and soon we ran to gather around the bonfire.

The cold increases in no time and reaches a point where you become so cozy in the bonfire area that even a step beyond, it looks like you have ventured into a freezer.

Everyone joined humming. Hot tea was followed by snacks, replaced by drinks and food later.

Various funny, scary, bizarre, and adventurous stories unfolded.

We ran barefoot on the sand, calling out names in the dark and making funny noises that echoed so well before drifting away.

We all decided to get away from the tents.

We wanted to experience how sleeping literally under the stars would be – no roof above, no cozy bed below.

We monkeyed around enough until exhaustion; it was well past midnight when we retreated.

I sneaked into my sleeping bag, wearing three layers over me.

It felt magical to lie down and gaze at the starry sky.

The canvas of stars will remain with me for a long time, adding to my incredible experiences in Rajasthan.

I recommend it as an experience to add to your list during your Jaisalmer sightseeing. 

Thar desert Camping: Jaisalmer Desert Safari Tips

Camping in the Thar desert is a must experience in Jaisalmer, and many small and big tour companies organize this overnight or day tour every day.

The prices are more or less the same; however, you might be able to bag a good deal provided you bargain well.

Depending on your preference, it should not cost you more than 1400 to 1500 INR.

Make sure you decide and check with the organizers on how you want to camp and the things included in the cost.

There is no need to book anything in advance as you have to pay upfront, and you might lose money if you change your plan later.

Where to stay in the Thar Desert?

If you are wondering where to camp in the Thar desert overnight, there is no need to fret; pay attention to your needs and plans, and everything will be fine.



There are plenty of accommodation options for spending a few days in the desert.


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