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Acrylic Nails

In the life of every woman who loves to rock her unguis in the quirkiest of ways, there comes the point when she looks for a solution that goes past the shelf life of nail polish and gels in keeping her cuticles in check. Shiny, glossy, and colourful just don’t cut it anymore – long-lasting is also on the checklist. 

If you can relate, you’ve probably how long does it take for nail polish to dry done in acrylic for at least two weeks without thinking about a retouch. While the nail acrylic powder you use is crucial in determining longevity, it is equally essential to prep your nails and maintain them. 

The last thing you want is to lose a chipped acrylic nail in a pie, right? This guide will talk all about acrylic nail care. 

Top Acrylic Nail-Care Tips 

Knowing how to care for acrylic nails is a must. Given below are the top tips –

Treat Them as Your Baby

If you love your acrylic nails, there’s no doubt that you’re providing them with the gentlest care possible. And you have every reason to do so. Yes, you can act like a diva! 

Make sure you do not open cans or scratch a surface too hard and practice good nail hygiene so that your acrylic nails do not chip. Also, if you’ll be gardening, don’t forget to wear gloves! A chipped acrylic can be super painful. 

Invest in Top Coat Applications 

Once you have applied the nail acrylic powder, and the same has dried out completely, consider applying a top coat using nail polish gel. Though this can be an investment, it will protect your nails from chipping and extend their life. 

The general recommendation is to apply a top coat once every two to three days. 

Develop and Maintain Healthy Habits 

The nail experts believe that a well-hydrated body will show itself in healthy skin, hair, and nails. Ensure you eat balanced meals and drink lots of water throughout the day. 

If you have naturally weak or thin nails, consider speaking to your physician about supplements that will encourage nail growth and strengthen the cuticles. 

Use Vitamin-E 

This is mainly for those whose nails are prone to dryness or those living in icy climatic conditions, hence, perfect for Aussies. Apply vitamin E or Shea butter at least once a week (can be increased based on skin dryness) on your skin and cuticles.

Vitamin E will provide much-needed nourishment. You can use it through vitamin-E-enriched beauty creams or even cut open capsules; all it takes is one! 

Keep Getting Fills 

Though acrylics prolong the life of your nails, you still need a retouch once every two weeks. It may be possible that you’re not able to make time for proper upkeep. In that case, taking a brief break from acrylic nails is wise. 

Follow basic nail hygiene, and you should have nothing to worry about. 

A Brief Afterword 

Also, keep an eye out for when your nails feel gummy or discoloured, as these are signs of dryness or too much chemical exposure. But most importantly, ensure that the nail acrylic powder you use is of high quality, protecting your nails while offering the shine you’re after. 

With just a little care and maintenance, you should be able to make gorgeous acrylic nails a regular part of your life.

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