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We no longer create a compelling company name by making sure your business is the first listing in a telephone book. Social media demands that we have dynamic and creative company names that both look good on screen and tell us a story. There are other rules to consider, and possibly break, when creating your company image. Here are some things to consider when deciding on a business name.


The repetition of the first sounds of a series of words can make your business name memorable. Our brains are naturally inclined to prefer the rhythmic sounds of alliteration. When creating a list of business name ideas, add a section for these repetitive sounds. As you narrow your list down, repeat the names multiple times. Ask others to read your business name or see if you can incorporate it into a conversation to hear how it sounds when you or others say it.


Homophones are two or more words that are pronounced the same but have different spellings. Using homophones can attract more attention to your name. The secret to using them is making sure it is logical in your business model. Homophones tend to imply fun, creativity, and adventure, something you may not want if you are a risk analyst. Online name generators, such as Namify can help you land on a perfect business name.


Acronyms and abbreviations help you take advantage of a long business name. You typically need to build your brand based on your full company name before customers connect the acronym to your business. Many multi-generation businesses were established before their acronyms became familiar.

Family Name

Your business model should reflect the honesty and integrity of your company. There is no better way to show your commitment to your business than by putting your name on the front door. Many industries dictate the owner’s name to be included – attorneys or construction firms. However, if you have a name that is difficult to pronounce, consider a different angle. Namify, is a business name generator that can help you create a unique company name based on a few keywords. Some benefits of using your name include:

  • Establish trust with your clients. Many small business owners pride themselves on being both the name and face of the business. Customers develop a personal commitment to the company when the owner is in the store.
  • Stand out from the competition. Your competitors most likely don’t have the same name as you, so using your name helps you establish your own brand identity. People are likely to remember your name when they provide a referral to friends or family.
  • It is easier to grow. Using your name makes it easier to expand your product or service offering. If your business name ties you to one sales channel, it can be harder to create a brand image around a new opportunity.
  • Your business appears larger. Over the centuries, one-person shops have grown to be international corporations. Using your name can give the appearance of being a larger company.

Take the time the create a functional business name for your company. Effective business names help customers understand what they are getting when they patronize your company.

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