Cover Your Windows With Standard or Bespoke Blinds

You can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home just by making small changes. Clean and new beautiful windows with the right kind of blinds will enhance the interior appeal of your home. Blinds provide you with several benefits and that too at a very affordable cost.

Blinds allow you to control your privacy

The structure of Blinds Leeds and its mode of operation allows you to maintain your privacy. You can close them entirely for complete privacy or open them partially for an obscure view. Their ability of tilting provides you with various options for controlling privacy. 

Heat & Light Control

Window blinds are more useful than shades and curtains when it comes to allowing light into your rooms. This implies that you can also control your room temperature to some extent, resulting in energy savings. 

Affordable and easy to maintain

One of the reasons why blinds are so popular is that they are relatively affordable than other options for covering windows. Curtains can be expensive and also require considerable care such as washing. However, blinds require little maintenance. You can clean them with just a cloth. Blinds also have a much longer life than curtains.

Blinds give you more choices of colours, materials and styles

Blinds are available in numerous colours and styles. They can easily match the interior of your home. You can choose from vertical blinds, mini-blinds, roman blinds, cordless blinds etc.

Blinds can be constructed from several materials such as wood, PVC, aluminium, bamboo, and others. You can choose from different measurements of slats and customize them exactly according to your requirements.

When deciding what type of blinds you should get, you should consider:

  • Choice of material
  • your budget
  • measurements
  • Style

There is a broad range of raw materials when it comes to window blinds. For instance, faux wood blinds look incredible in rooms with bright colours and white trims. If your room has a wooden interior, you can go for a darker wood stain.

Wooden Blinds 

Wooden blinds are highly recommended if you want an attractive and warm look. Common woods used for blind construction include mahogany, oak, cherry, maple, and bamboo. Any of these woods will provide a contemporary look to your rooms.

The cost of the blinds may vary according to the type of wood but overall they will remain within an affordable range. Wooden blinds are easy to clean and simple to operate.

Faux Wood

Faux woods is highly durable and sturdy. Blinds made from faux wood are resistant to moisture and other weather conditions. They are highly suitable for humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you are looking for Blinds Leeds or in any other region, faux wood is one of the most affordable options.

Blinds Leeds

Aluminium Blinds 

Aluminium is highly resistant to climatic conditions. It has high tensile strength, it is anti-rust and it is highly resistant to moisture. Aluminium blinds have a very elegant and sleek appearance. They can be powder coated in any colour you want and they have a longer life than all other types of blinds. 

PVC Blinds 

PVC or Poly Vinyl Carbonate is a versatile material which is used for manufacturing various items. Blinds made from PVC are as resistant to weather conditions as aluminium. They are very light and you can get them in various designs. Some imitate wood while others can be painted in the colour of your choice.

Blackout Blinds

Another very popular variation of window blinds is the Blackout Blinds. As the name suggests they are used for completely blocking sunlight. Blackout fabric is used for this purpose.

They can also be used in combination. For instance, you can have colourful PVC or metal blinds with the backing of blackout fabric. This way your windows will look aesthetic while blocking all light.

Mode of operation

Blinds Leeds can be horizontal or vertical. They can also be manual as well as technically automatic. The operation of both is easy. Manual blinds can be operated with an attached cord. They can be tilted or moved upwards/downwards.

You can also control the orientation of the slats with the help of the cord. Automation makes your window blinds a little more sophisticated. A well-hidden motor is installed at the top of the blinds. You can control them with a remote control while sitting on your couch. They are relatively more expensive than manual blinds.

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