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How do you make sure your prospective customers can find stuff on your website? It’s actually simple; create an easy-to-navigate site. But, is it really that easy?

Perhaps not, because then every website would be getting a high footfall. That’s not what happens. It’s when your sales figures are gloomy that you wake up to the fact that maybe your site is difficult to use.

And this is when it’s advisable to get professionals on board. Sign up with a leading “web design company near me” if you are in State Island, NY area.

How to create an easy-to-navigate site to bring in more traffic:

If you can find a reputed web design in Staten Island, NY, you can rest assured your visitors won’t leave empty-handed. They will not only find what they are searching for but it will also enable search engines to rank your site high. 

The result is higher conversions and better visibility. Long Island Web Design is one such company that helps you to create visually-pleasing sites that are easy to use. These web designing companies have teams of highly qualified and experienced website developers and designers. They know what to tweak and add to make a site more user-friendly.

What changes can you make to create an easy-to-navigate website?

If a site is easy-to-use, people are likely to spend more time on it. This gives your customers time to explore the site and find out about your products and services. As a result, bounce rates decrease. 

  • To start with, you need to figure out what your visitors want, and what they are searching for. This means providing them with elaborate information about your services, customer testimonials, and past projects.
  • Your site’s sidebars must be visible and shouldn’t blend or get lost in the rest of the content. You could use distinct colors for them or optimize white space to help them stand out.
  • Test how legible your site is on a range of devices, especially those having smaller screens. This will tell you how big your font should be, and why you must avoid narrow scripts and use dropdown menus.
  • To enable your prospects to make purchases, insert easy-to-follow directions. This makes buying things online easier for them. The route to making purchases should be clear and the checkout process simple and quick.
  • Consumers want to know and do things at lightning speed. So, navigation bars must have clear and concise categories to help them access information faster.
  • Serial Position Effect is a psychological concept that shows how people will focus more on information that is displayed at the start and at the end. Navigation information is typically at the top and bottom of web pages and must-have key links and information to improve customer engagement.
  • Don’t unnecessarily change familiar titles like “Contact Us” or “About Us”; it will only confuse your users. A leading website design company will advise you to keep it predictable and simple. Keep the hypertext different from the rest of the site’s content by making them bold or using different colors.
  • Incorporating internal search functions can account for better navigability. This is especially beneficial when you have an ecommerce website. Avoid using image buttons for call-to-actions. It isn’t good for SEO since search engines cannot read buttons and the latter load slowly.

Working with a reputed web designing company will help you create a stunning yet easy-to-navigate site. Without this, you cannot hope to improve your sales figures!


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