Describe Picuki: What is its Use

Describe Picuki: What is its Use

To download an image from a certain ID, you do not need to log in or register. Then, by entering the account ID of the image you wish to download, you can examine the publicly shared photographs of the IG account. Additionally, Picuki has several amazing features, including the ability to edit other posts online and the ability to trim, apply filters, change the saturation, alter the contrast, etc. 

Anyone can view an IG member’s online behaviour without having an account. Using Picuki, you may view an Instagram user’s profile without needing to sign up for an account. By providing a user’s username or email address, you can view an Instagram user’s profile on Picuki, a special website. Without requesting any information from you, such as your phone number or other personal details, you can immediately read what they have posted as well as everything else about them. 

How can I utiliza Picuki? Read on. 

You’ll be directed to the Picuki website’s main page when you first access it. 

It’s easy to use Picuki. Directly on the website, type the user’s Instagram username. The Instagram accounts linked to the ID or name you entered will typically be displayed by Picuki so you can find the one you’re looking for. Picuki lists the images and photos from the IG posts once you’ve found the IG account you’re looking for.

After that, you may begin viewing all of your Instagram posts. Once you’ve located the post you want to download, click on the link to access it. The IG picture photo will be downloaded to your smartphone after being uploaded to Picuki. 

Browse with Hashtags

Click “Search” and then “Search Icon” on Picuki before clicking the search field. 

Put the hashtag you wish to look up in here. Tap the “Tags” tab after searching. A list of possible hashtags is displayed. The remaining procedures are the same as in the first operation, and you can choose whatever image you choose.

How to Download Images and Videos from Instagram Using Picuki?

You have the opportunity to download Instagram posts and videos on Picuki. Simply look up the username on Picuki, visit the account, and download the image.

Instagram does not allow users to download posts or videos. You can just download your own story from there.

How Do I Edit Videos and Pictures?

You have the opportunity to edit your photos and videos on Picuki. You may alter the background of your photos, modify the filter, and many other things.

Instagram does not have this option. You cannot change a photo’s filter once it has been added to your feed.

Alternative webpage for Picuki

Pickuki may occasionally stop operating when you need it the most. You might not see any outcomes. You should create backup websites like Picuki for those scenarios. is an alternative website. All of Pickuki’s amenities are offered by this tool.

How does it function?                               

Picuki serves as an IG account search engine. You don’t need to follow someone or have an account to browse their postings. For journalists, scholars, and anybody else interested in following what’s occurring on social media platforms without having to create an account, the platform makes it a fantastic tool. You may use Picuki to look up certain addresses and hashtags. For instance, you may type the location of silicon valley into a search engine to view images and videos from there.


Instagram cannot be accessed without logging in, but you can see the uploaded photographs on a website like Picuki without logging in. There are more Instagram tools that help you in using Instagram effectively and also help in growing your Instagram business.

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