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online counseling and face-to-face therapy
The majority of people schedule in person therapy sessions; however, some people prefer online therapy. 
Nowadays, most people choose online counselling above other types of online help for their mental health. Due to the corona pandemic’s effects over the past two years, internet counselling has become necessary because most people in need of therapy are unable to leave their homes due to the lockdown. One such study discovered that for sadness and anxiety, internet counselling services and treatments are just as beneficial as in-person counselling.
  1. Convenient 

Through our phones, laptops, and computers, online counselling is the most convenient way to communicate with therapists and psychologists from the comfort of your own home. Just a flawless internet connection would do. Some people experience a sense of relaxation as a result of not having to go far. People should choose this simple and practical online counselling service as their first option for assistance with mental health difficulties.

You must wait for a while to speak with the counsellor or therapist in face-to-face treatment because they have appointments scheduled for clients for a month in advance. The biggest issue is postponing a mental health check for a few days. Additionally, personal counselling requires extensive travel and the expenditure of money on lodging or transportation.

  1. Affordable 

Online counselling is in your budget for clients and counselors because there are fewer overheads regarding physical issues, transportation, rents, etc. But in the face to face therapy, you should face so many problems, and during that therapy, the counselor wants a large amount of money and should call after three or four days to meet the counselor.

  1. No hesitation 
Online counselling minimises person’s outward presence in settings like waiting rooms and therapist offices. Additionally, people are hesitant to speak with the counsellor, interact openly, and comfortably express their mental health difficulties. 
Face-to face counselling does not allow for comfortable discussion of difficulties or the disclosure of certain types of issues; as result, clients are less likely to have stable mental health as result of this sort of counselling.
  1. Different ways to communicate 
Clients can use variety of venues for communication during online treatment. 
Through numerous methods, such as texting, emailing, or audio-video sessions, clients communicate with the counsellor. 
which offer clients options based on their level of comfort. 
With whom some individuals do not feel comfortable sharing their mental health difficulties, people can readily communicate without inhibitions through text messaging when receiving face-to-face counselling.


1. Is online therapy better than face-to-face?

Suggests that online counselling is more effective for people rather than to the face to face therapy. Also, the treatment of online counselling gives outstanding results in depression and anxiety.

2. How is the online therapy done?

Online counselling has grown to be highly popular and is conducted by phone and laptop. Online counselling is the greatest and most efficient option for treating mental health concerns if clients are seeking for budget or convenience.

3. Why do people use online therapy?

The majority of people live in tiny towns and rural areas where there aren’t many therapists, and those that are there are sometimes quite far away. 
The majority of people favour online therapists in this manner. 
You’re at ease communicating with them through an app.


Online treatment is generally more effective than in person therapy, and key factor is that it is especially acceptable and adequate for patients with depression and anxiety.

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