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Different types of Electronic Air Regulator Valve

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of electronic air regulator valve then you have landed in the right place. In this post, you are going to find out about the electronically controlled pressure regulator and also about the types you can find in the market today. If you are still using the old mechanical devices then you definitely need an upgrade. So stop wasting time and read this draft!

First, most know that the mechanical air regulator is the device that can control the output pressure of the air coming from the outlet at a pace only if the internal pressure is the same at all times. Any fluctuation in the inlet pressure can lead to malfunctioning. There is always a chance of errors resulting in serious injuries while using the mechanical regulators which is why it is important that you shift to the electronic air regulator valve. The modern air pressure control valves can maintain the outer pressure even if the internal pressure of the system is not stable. This makes it more accurate and reliable.

Now you must know that there are multiple kinds of air pressure regulators that you can find in the market. These are basically divide into three categories. 

Precision air regulator valve

One of the earliest type of electronic air regulator valve was known as the precision regulator. These regulators were quite famous for their accurate results. They were first used in the medical industry, mainly in oxygen ventilators. You would be surprise to know that because of their accuracy and reliability in air pressure control this electronic pneumatic regulator equipment. Is still being used in hospitals in different medical equipment. Here you should know that these regulators are famous for managing small applications. 

Filter air regulator valve

The other category of the electronic air regulator valve is the filter regulator. These regulators as the name tell us have something to do with filtration. Well, you must know that the main purpose of these regulators is not only to maintain the outlet pressure of the valve but also to filter out the air on its way from the outer valve. The air pressure regulator works on the same principle of reducing high air pressure to a lower register. The only difference that these kinds of regulators have is they supply outer air through a sintered filter of polyethylene installe in the proportional air valves.

General purpose air regulators

The third category of electronic air regulator valve is of general purpose regulators. These kinds of regulators are quite commonly use in the fuel and fluid power industry. Know that an electronic fuel pressure regulator works on the same principle as the general purpose air regulators. They are famous because they are economical and are designe to bleed only a small amount of air. 

There are different kinds of models that you can find in these categories. It is important that you choose the pressure regulator which aligns with your application and meets your requirements!

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