DigiByte: The P2P Solution for Crypto Transactions


As people learn more about crypto’s potential benefits, its popularity rises. To stay ahead of the curve, investors and businesses are constantly looking for the next big coin that will potentially shape their future for the better.

However, some of the best coins out there are often overlooked. For instance, DigiByte (DGB) is faster than any other digital currency and has many benefits for businesses and huge profit potential for investors. Besides that, it offers complete transaction privacy. But that’s not the end of it, read below to learn more about DigiByte.

What is DigiByte?

DigiByte is an open-source, decentralized blockchain that provides innovative solutions for digital assets and smart contracts. Its network is composed of three layers including the global network, the core, and the application layer.

DigiByte was designed with the intent of becoming the world’s most scalable and fastest UTXO blockchain and it succeeded in just that. It provides lightning-fast transactions in comparison to other blockchains and is also one of the most secure in existence.

Speaking of speed, DigiByte is faster than both Ethereum and Bitcoin, making it ideal for businesses dealing with high transaction volumes. Its current price hovers around $0.010.

DigiByte major features

DigiByte offers a variety of features that can serve as telltale signs for investors or for businesses that are looking to be prepared when cryptocurrencies take over fiat money.


Although the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus offers many advantages, DigiByte uses Proof-of-Work (PoW) to provide more security. The blockchain uses mining algorithms to secure its networks such as SHA256 (Secure Hash Algorithm), Skein, and Odocrypt. What’s special about this security method is that Odocrypto updates itself every 10 days to ensure ASIC resistance.

The combination of these two security methods provides immense protection against 51% of attacks.


DigiByte is ten times faster than Bitcoin. With this type of speed, businesses can expect that they can set up online stores to reach customers otherwise unreachable. This blockchain can complete around 1.000 transactions per second and on top of that, the fees are extremely light and won’t break the bank.

If crypto becomes the go-to online payment method, DigiByte will likely be one of the most utilized blockchains.

Complete decentralization

DigiByte is a completely decentralized blockchain and doesn’t have a CEO. What’s more, is that the network has never been funded by selling pre-mined coins to institutional or retail buyers or via an initial coin offering (ICO). All of this indicates that this blockchain is a community driver or in simple words, from the community for the community.

DigiByte’s Future

There are many reasons why an investment in DGB might be the right choice for you. As stated above, it is an open-source, peer-to-peer network, which prides itself on its true decentralization and transaction privacy.

The Digibyte coin has a maximum supply limit of 21 billion coins and will reach the limit by 2035, so if you are planning to invest, now’s the time.

DigiByte can seriously impact the world of online trades and eCommerce. Since everyone likes the convenience of online shops, they have seen rapid growth over the past few years. Still, the currency barriers make it difficult to process international transactions. With crypto, every single individual can make transactions to where they want.

Where to buy it

Since the DGB coin is listed on all the major exchanges, you can pick your favorite and buy it there. However, it’s also advised that you are careful before making a large investment in crypto. Carefully study the charts and try to read everything about the coin in question before leaping.

Besides that, look for exchanges that will also educate you on various topics and bring more value to your crypto trading life.

There are various techniques to ensure that your investments result in profits and you should always proceed with caution.

Final thoughts

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and completely transformed how we imagine our future. With the recent rise of popularity in eCommerce, we are just waiting in the wings for when crypto becomes the go-to payment method.

Still, crypto is incredibly volatile and you can never be sure whether your investment will fail or succeed. For that reason, always consider whether you can afford to lose some of your investment.


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