Has the new PDA you mentioned appeared? The one with the focal processor, various GB of RAM, and remarkable show? Everything is perfect, nonetheless, most cherished PC games start without any planning, assuming the application is made without a client account that holds the data. There are numerous PC games without a record, yet no difference, either way, is outstandingly notable. How might I move my main PC game from my old Android phone?

I don’t play a lot of games, one of them has a record and synchronizes on their servers, the ensuing one purposes Facebook or G + to hold the data and you can use another terminal at whatever point. Regardless, I expected to move data from a Galaxy S4 to a Z1 Compact. All applications were moved and presented through the Google Play structure, yet PC games were like new. No nuances center, things won prizes, etc.

Zero. Directly following wasting 6-8 hours looking at each creator on the site for deals with serious consequences regarding data move, I found another course of action. Direct, in the mind of the chicken and I, did it with the free variation of the application, which speculatively offered this only for cash. Anyway, I in like manner won for no good reason. There is in like manner an educational activity on YouTube, which I found unexpectedly when I was looking for something else. It is close to the completion of this text.

Directions to move PC games

Helium App Sync. The principal course of action I found for this issue. Present the application on the chief Android terminal, interface the USB connection to a PC, Pac, and it’s started. Then, at that point, pick the support mode (expecting you have the games on the new device, select App Data just – that is, and take the nuances of the game, instead of the whole game). It’s more useful that way because regardless you get to various GB and it will require long speculation.

Then it asks whether you want ALL applications or simply some. I picked the best games. Then follows the support mode. In the cloud, Google Drive or Dropbox simply works for cash. With the first-rate variation. In case you want it for nothing, make local support. Select to back up your contraption – then, hold on for it to get done, it could require long speculation.

ES File Explorer (or a for the most part great report boss). With this application, you believe the records to be in Windows Explorer on the PC. You go to the picked support envelope and you will see a Carbon coordinator there. There are PC game data envelopes. Click on each and zip archives. It is safer to Move this document. ES File Explorer similarly has the decision to send archives through Bluetooth. Most importantly…

The resulting phone ought to have Helium App Sync presented. Similarly connected with PC utilizing a USB interface. After these methods, start the trade through Bluetooth and save the data – it will require a shockingly lengthy investment later on. Then, with ES File Explorer presented on the resulting phone, you can find the got packs, in/Bluetooth/. Click on them, remove the account, and pick the Carbon/records envelope. Look comparable to the first.


With the slot1234 games presented and the data moved, enter Helium again on the new phone. Restore and Sync as opposed to Backup this time. Then, at that point, we pick Internal Storage to use the free interpretation. In the wake of finishing the movement, you should have the games identical to those on the essential phone. It went to me from the first, without bumbles, without issues.

The data move from the wireless is free, nonetheless, it expects around an hour, maybe better. There are furthermore cash applications that do this. The strategy can in like manner be applied to Android tablets or applications other than games. You can move the data from the old phone absolutely, to have everything comparable to the overhauled one. The data must be trying to move, it makes each step, and so on.

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