Dumpor: Use Dumpor to Access Instagram Stories Anonymously


The website Dumpor is free to use. The greatest Instagram stories viewer, it is private. Dumpor may be used to explore Instagram profiles, followers, and news items without disclosing any personal information. It is a very well-known Instagram stalker. It is acceptable to use dumpor.

You don’t need an Instagram account to view and download other users’ Instagram posts if you use Instagram. With Dumpor, you can safely and indefinitely download or watch Instagram photos or news videos. Instagram does need users to sign in but prevents access to some content if you don’t provide your location. On occasion, users desire to access content without logging in while maintaining their anonymity.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously with Dumpor

Is it really even feasible? Yes, you may explore Instagram profiles and information using an app called Dumpor without logging into or creating your own Instagram account.

Skip this part and read the fundamentals if you’re unsure about accessing your Instagram account but are still able to view the posts.

How to Apply it

Dumpor allows you to view friend’s Instagrams while maintaining their anonymity. With only one click on Dumpor, you may spoof your identity online.

Because social media stalking can be extremely dangerous, Dumpor has implemented encryption on all of its servers. Unlike our rivals, we do not use IP addresses or any information that could be used to personally identify you (email addresses, phone numbers).

Why is it crucial?

Many people wish to track out or spy on their ex-partners in an anonymous manner. locations, neighbourhoods, etc.) to ensure that no family portraits are missed.

Users receive push notifications with up-to-the-minute information. By doing this, customers are guaranteed not to miss any significant developments. The user’s phone book is the source that the system uses. The users need to concur on this.

Users will get push notifications right away when someone follows them back. It functions similarly to Tinder or Twitter notifications. Similar to Twitter or Tinder notifications, it is.

Is it Possible to Watch IG Stories Without Using Such Tools?

Yes, by using “Airplane Mode” on your Android or iPhone smartphone, you can view Instagram Stories secretly. However, as these services are provided by Instagram users, you won’t be able to access Instagram without an account or store stories.

Dumpor Visual Interface

Users can download and examine the posts that other Instagram users have made using the global website or app called Dumper. Keep in mind that you can only access the publicly submitted data and view public profiles.

Even if they are made available for download, images with labels can still be downloaded. However, when someone has a personal profile, their private photos and videos cannot be downloaded.


An anonymous and cost-free Instagram viewer is Dumpor. You may search Instagram using a tag or location. You can see stories from the previous day on Dumpor or save stories.

In many situations, telling someone they’ve been watched is inappropriate. To stop missing any more stories, get dumpor right away.


Numerous helpful functions provided by Dumpor have the potential to cause major issues despite appearing to be safe when used alone. But if you manually tag places, usernames and images are hidden. It is feasible to tag numerous locations in your images if you share a photo from one location and then snap another.

These tools have the potential to seriously hurt users if deliberately used. Most Instagram Stories users are visible to the public.


The best way to read Instagram stories privately is with Dumpor! So why are you still waiting? Get the app now to start reading tales privately! Simply follow the directions above to download Instagram photos and videos using Dumpor!


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