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Did you ever imagine that you could carry your fitness trainer or instructor wherever you desire? Yes, you heard it right. With the help of fitness apps, it is possible to work up, sweat, and build strength, and it will also help you stay motivated in the times when you do not feel like working out at your preferred location.

However, working out at home is becoming quite normal after the pandemic, and so are the fitness apps. Yoga is the most preferred fitness exercise because it is hassle-free and requires just a mat for performing various asanas. Choose from the list of the best yoga apps for your home exercise to maintain your explicit fitness even when you are at home.

In this article, we will discuss the fitness apps revenue and usage statistics for 2022 and the features that are made available by the fitness apps for convenience and that is how they are bringing the consistent upsurge in the usage and revenue.

But first, let’s have a run through a reason why people are shifting towards virtual fitness apps.

What is the Reason for People’s Sudden Shift Towards Fitness Apps?

The pandemic in 2020 has change our perspective on the fitness industry. Prior to the pandemic, hitting a gym or any other fitness exercise class was the only solution. But during the pandemic, as people were confine to their homes, so for fitness enthusiasts virtual fitness apps were the one sure-shot solution to maintain an exercise routine.

It gave them the direction towards maintaining fitness even at home, and even after the pandemic, people preferr to continue that virtual fitness journey. However, it is predict that the fitness apps CAGR will continue rising even after 2022.

Now, let’s overview the usage and revenue statistics of fitness apps in 2022.

Fitness Apps Revenue and Usage Overview of 2022

There has been a constant rise in the usage and revenue of the fitness apps so, let’s see it through the statistics;   

  • Fitness apps Revenue statistics 2022

As the revenue of fitness apps has not seen a downfall from 2020, the prediction is that it will generate a humongous revenue of 16.60 bn in 2022. The awareness for maintaining physical fitness is continuously increasing among the people as the value of immunity and fitness was known through the pandemic.

  • Fitness apps Usage statistics 2022

In the year 2021, the use was upgraded to the level of 84 million for fitness apps. However, in 2022, until now, the number of users has risen by 86.3 million, so it will be somewhere by the end of the year, double the expect ratio. It is a good sign for the fitness apps industry as it means there’s no stopping for them.

Now, let’s dive into some cool features of the fitness apps in the market that are making the workout even more convenient for users.

Features of Fitness Apps that are Bringing More Accessibility to the Users

The features in the fitness apps that are compatible in bringing more accessibility to the users;

  • Wearable computing devices

Smartwatches and other devices have made it even more convenient to track our daily fitness goals and give a better understanding for our everyday fitness. If you are buying such wearable devices, then you need to ensure that they are compatible with the fitness apps you tend to prefer. So, make sure that you buy a compatible fitness device.

  • Home workouts

The pandemic has made us realize that home workouts are far more convenient than any other fitness style. However, even after the gyms and other fitness centers reopen, people still tend to be so intrigu by the home workouts that some still follow them. As these exercises are so convenient that they don’t require any equipment, they are the quick workout routines which anyone can follow to maintain their fitness.

  • Virtual personal trainers

The best thing about fitness apps is that interaction between the trainers and clients is smooth. It is a collaboration that can take place between them without any hassles with the fitness app features like chats and video calls. As such features make the fitness apps even more feasible for people.  

  • Training plans

Training plans will help gain clarity with the workout regimes one will follow in every training session. If you are implying to follow the regime for your fitness training, then it is given to find out which one is suitable for you. A training schedule will help maintain exercise discipline so there will be no reasons for any breach in the discipline.

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  • Track your progress

Tracking your everyday progress is necessary for a better fitness regime that needs to be maintained properly by users. The prominent fitness apps will help you with the effective features like tracking your progress that will gain more information regarding your fitness journey.

  • Exercise video tutorials

The video tutorials will help you in following the fitness regimes in a more precise way. As there will be no physical trainers available to guide you in the right direction, these video tutorials will help you gain better knowledge. Moreover, these tutorials can help you better understand the exercise technique for the form of exercising you will be performing.

  • Live classes for the gym vibe

Sometimes this gym workout at home in comfort can be a bit more boring for people following it regularly. So that is when the live classes will help you gain more motivation and strength to hit the ground and exercise . As the crowd will be coordinating so it can help you gain the gym exercising vibes even at home.

Wrap up

By seeing the recent revenue and usage statistics, it can be easily predicted that there will be no downfall shortly for fitness apps. However, mental health is also crucial if you want to balance good overall health. For that you can choose from the best meditation apps to calm your brain, improve the focus and concentration on your daily tasks with the inherent peace coming from the regular practice.

As the features of fitness apps will bring more accessibility to the users and they will offer various exercise routines for better maintenance of health.

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