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Windows 11

Even if your computer is brand new, you might find that your computer is slowing down.

To troubleshoot, you open Task Manager and find that your disk usage is at 100 percent. You don’t have enough cycles to run routine operating system tasks if your drive is under such high loads.

This article will help you fix the Modern setup host 100% disk usage in Windows 11. These are some tips to help you resolve the issue.

Best Way To fix 100% disk usage on Windows 11

Task Manager is a simple way to locate the app or service that causes 100% disk usage.

Right-click on the Start menu, and choose Task Manager. To see which files are taking up the most resources, click the Disk column head. You’ll be able to see where you should start.

The problem may be deeper than closing an app or deactivating a service.

Continue reading to learn more about the possible causes and how to fix them.

Disable Superfetch

The Superfetch feature (also known as SysMain) in Windows 11 helps reduce boot time and load apps faster by accessing a prefetch. It can lead to high disk usage, but it is a useful feature that improves performance.

These steps will allow you to disable Superfetch (SysMain), on Windows 11.

To launch the Run dialog, use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + R
Type services.msc in Run and click OK.
Double-click on Services to open the console. Click the Stop button.
Next, click on the dropdown menu next Startup Type to set it to Disabled.
Click Apply or OK to close the Services console.
After stopping SysMain you should see a change in Disk Usage in Task Monitor. However, it is possible to restart the PC to confirm that it’s fixed.

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Rebuild Search Index

High disk usage can also be caused by search indexing in Windows 11. To speed up the return of search results, search indexing scans files and emails, as well as other files on your computer. If something goes wrong, it could lead to an indefinite search cycle.

You can repair it by rebuilding the database. The following steps can be used to rebuild the search engine index:

Click Start or hit the Windows Key. Type Indexing Options and select the top result.
Click the Advanced button when the Indexing Options window appears.

You may need to stop using your computer during this process. It will take a different amount of time depending on how much data you have and how fast it is, such as SSD vs HDD.

Disable Search Indexing Completely

If rebuilding works but you notice that you are doing too many rebuilds, then you can disable search indexing completely.

These steps will disable Windows Search:

To launch the Run dialog, use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + R
Type services.msc in Run and click OK.
Double-click Windows Search when the Services console appears.
Set Startup Type to Disabled when the Windows Search Properties screen displays.
Click Stop then O H

Last Word

The removable drive letter should remain the same regardless of whether you have changed it. Windows may assign it a new letter if it is taken to another computer. If you plug in external drives in different orders, Windows will assign a new letter to the drive after it is renamed.

Windows Disk Space Management

Windows 11 and 10 offer useful tools to manage drive space. You can, for example, limit disk space that is used by the Recycle Bin and free up space using Cleanup Recommendations for Windows 11. You may also wish to set up Storage Sense for Windows 11.

There are several ways to free up space on Windows 10. To free up disk space, you can delete older system restore points or learn how to delete the Windows. old directory to clear out GBs.

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