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Ad Metrics By Campaign Type

Your Ads Manager review should cover not only the essential metrics but also campaign-specific metrics. You can track campaign results in Ads Manager’s Results and Cost Per Results columns, regardless of whether you have optimized for reach or clicks, leads, sales, or other metrics. Click the Charts icon in the upper-right corner to see the results over time.

This chart tracks campaign costs and results automatically so that you can spot potential problems or changes. Are your results trending downward? Are your prices rising significantly over time? Are your campaign results worse than the quarter before? You may need to update your offer or increase your audience to get things moving again.

You may find it helpful to look into specific get facebook likes uk metrics depending on the campaign goal. You can scroll through the available options on the Reports tab to search for related metrics.

If you optimize for engagement, you can look at charts for Post Reactions and Post Shares or Post Comments to see what kind of activity is widespread. You can also check metrics such as Adds to Cart or Checkouts Initiated to determine where customers are experiencing friction.

Breakdowns can be used to reveal significant trends in Facebook ads performance.

Performance issues can occur if campaigns are run for more extended periods. Ad fatigue and delivery issues can lead to decreased results and increased costs. Ads Manager breakdowns will help you determine which campaigns are performing best.

Select the Breakdowns menu to select the analysis you wish. You can see audience demographics, user platforms, times of the day, and even user devices.

These insights will allow you to learn which people, devices, and actions are most effective in delivering campaign results. This data can refine or expand your audience targeting to ensure you continue achieving the best results.

However, keep in mind that Ads Manager has some limitations regarding breakdowns. You can view only investigations of actions on Facebook, such as clicks, impressions, and engagement. You can’t see studies of activities that occur off-site due to privacy restrictions.

Facebook Ads Manager: Create rules to automate campaign management

You might wonder how realistic your weekly and monthly Facebook ad management checks are, no matter how much time you want to save on Facebook advertising. You might be worried that your spending could soar or that performance could plummet if you don’t pay attention. Automated rules can be set up for your ad account to keep your campaigns running smoothly during maintenance checks.

Establish Performance Rules

Click the Rules drop-down menu in Ads Manager and choose Custom Rule. Next, select the conditions. You might want to create a rule which triggers when you:

  • Campaign results fall below a threshold
  • The cost per result is too high
  • Low purchase return on advertising spends (ROAS).
  • The frequency becomes too high.

Set scaling rules

Automate scaling when campaigns are successful and deliver optimal results. Set the conditions. You might want to scale up a Facebook campaign after it has reached a certain ROAS threshold.

Next, choose how much to increase your daily or lifetime budget. get facebook followers uk perform best when scaled conservatively. Instead of increasing your budget hourly by the hour, increase it by 10% to 15% each day.

You can adjust thresholds, change the rules’ application, and turn them on or off at will. To make any changes, go to the Rules drop-down menu. Click Manage Rules.

To get timely results, run Facebook Ads Experiments.

You can save time by setting up rules to help you scale successful campaigns and stop poorly performing ads from being blocked. What if you want the ability to immediately identify which campaigns and ad sets are most effective for your business?

You can run experiments to compare ads and see which delivers the best results. Click the A/B test button in the Ads Manager dashboard to start an investigation.

You can choose to compare ads from different sources or create an alternative version of an ad you have already made. Next, select the variable you wish to test, including placement, audience, and creativity.

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