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Looking for a free app to be able to select a photo filter for your Instagram posts ? Indeed, visual identity on your Instagram Page will play a lot on your visites . The chi page is in the same color and the same tons reflect a certain style. Your followers will be required to stay longer and visit different Precedents. That is why in this article we will introduce you to an application that may match your needs. But first, to justify our choice, we will briefly indicate the filter role for your Instagram account . And we’ll list the features you can expect from a free photo editing app too.

Why use an Instagram filter?

In fact, we see more and more ” filterless ” movement  on social networks especially on Instagram. And for good reason, in recent years the filters affixed have indeed grown more and more until transforming the reality of the image. , of a face , A morphology … However, it is interesting to use this tool guy reasonably, to understand why it is useful to know what a filter is concretely.

What is a filter?

It is simply from a configuration file. The latter brings together a combination of preset settings such as: brightness , white balance , color saturation … However, even if it has become easy to change these types of parameters on photo editing software , it is not obvious to find the combination who will bring you the style you want to bring. In particular, because which modifies a parameter Has an effecton others, etc. That’s why, without a filter, you need to know all the parameters and impacts of modifying each one.

Thus a filter makes it possible to directly give a style, a particular atmosphere to the image. These are mostly created by professional photography . This allows you to take advantage of the best combinations.

The benefits of using a filter app for an Instagram page:

By choosing a filtered file, you can apply them to each of the photographs Presentes sur your Instagram posts. On the one hand, this will allow you to bring style and a visual identity to your Instagram page. But it will also allow you to save time. You will simply have to apply to filters to make all the settings. So ensure consistency in the display of your photos.

Free application to filter photos for Instagram:

The photo editing app market is evolving very quickly. In fact, the demand is increasingly important with the rise in social networks. So our goal isn’t to introduce you to a multitude of free editing apps and get lost with too much choice. That’s why, to best help you find a filter application that suits your needs, we’ll start by telling you what you can expect as this tool . Then we will introduce you to the next application that could meet your expectations.

What to expect from a free Instagram filter app:

Most of the time it will be web applications. The advantage is that you can access it on any medium. In other words, you will be able to access your account on a tablet , a smartphone and of course a computer . So it will allow you to be very mobile. Especially since the data will generally be synchronized. So you can switch between media without needing to upload your photos. However, this implies that you must always have an internet connection available to retouch your photos.

According to applications you will also benefit from a mobile version . The latter Download via the Apple Store or Google Play . So this will allow you to benefit from an application adapted to your smartphone in terms of ergonomics. Then you can retouch your photos taken with your phone and then publish it directly on your social networks.

Besides, you can also enjoy free designs for yourself to create beautiful posts with the right size.

The Canva application to add a filter to Instagram photos:

canva is avery simple and intuitive web application . You can download to your smartphone through mobile version. You can take advantage of a fairly complete free version. In particular at the level of photographic filters. So you won’t have a hard time creating a post andretouching the image for your Instagram page .

If this application interests you, we have written some articles about it in the category: canva.

VSCO an application not completely free:

You will often hear about the VSCO application. The latter is really very useful for F Filter your photos. However, following an update of many features and filters it became paying off . That’s why we didn’t keep it.

To conclude: you will find it quite easily a free application for the Instagram filter, who will help you retouch your photos quickly and easily . However, on some, many features become paying . In this article we have introduced you to one of the applications that might match your needs . So you can try the free version and see if it suits you.

If you want to know more tips for editing your photos for Instagram. Do not hesitate to consult the category provided for this

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