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Have you ever thought about why we feel happy when we get flower bouquet online from others or give them to our loved ones? Why are flowers in bouquets given in formal functions in welcoming the guests or VIPs? The answer to this is simple, flowers represent love, pleasure, and beauty in their most flawless form. That is why when we give or receive flowers, happiness comes to our faces and minds. 

Flowers bring colors to the gardens and brighten the place. Many people travel a long distance to see the seasonal blooming of flowers, such as the Tulips in The Netherlands or the Cherry Blossoms in Japan. 

Flowers as a whole, Rose to consider the King of flowers and they are in many colors, which many of us have no idea about. Different flowers have their beauty, functions, and fragrance and also blossom month, as all don’t bloom on the same day or year. So let us now look into the few beautiful flowers that find around the world.  

 Lilac Flowers

This flower considers one of the most beautiful flowers and one of many favorites. The smell of this flower is greatly outstanding and is the best-chosen flower that has to grow in the gardens as its scent is stronger on a strong sunny day, and because of the great smell. They use it as perfumes and also bath soaps. Lilac has been gaining popularity over the past few years. They belong to the family of Olive Tree. 

Cherry Blossom

This flower is known as the National flower of Japan and is known to bloom for a short period. They represent the fragile beauty of the life of both the garden and people. Not only in Japan, but people all over the world visit to see the Cherry blossom bloom and are lovers of this beautiful flower. It is only when from a distance that you see the beauty of the flower rather than seeing them close. Looking up at the tree filled with Cherry Blossoms, you feel that you are in the land of incredible wonders of paradise.

Zinnia Flowers

The petals of this lovely flower are similar to the feathers of the colorful bird when they show off their coat. With bright daylight, they grow fast and tend to spout in mere days, more during the month of summer. Zinnias produce on their own and can add to bouquets as they are colorful and their color tone ranges from deep red to pure white colorless.  


The appearance of this flower is like petals made of tissue form. When we look at the center, the petals are many and are closer to each other. And even when they bloom, they are completely open. They are a type of flower that is grow during the springtime, having a temperature of about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. They have known as cool plants in cool weather but they need great light every day. 


The scientific name of Peonies is Paeoniaceae. They consider it the prettiest plant and even a single flower that forms the shape of a cup are very alarming and attractive to look at other than the petals ruffle. They expect to bloom either in late spring or early summer. The scent of this flower is stunning and can add to bouquets. You can find them in certain flower arrangements and certain flowers during wedding arrangement displays. They come in different attractive colors. 

Aster Flowers

These are the flowers that become beautiful during the month of fall or summer. The Greek meaning of Aster is a star. They belong to the family of Daisy and are in the shape of a star that has a yellow center. They are in large numbers but look small in the garden. Few of the 600 varieties of asters are very catchy. And are the best suit for the gardens as they have large flower heads with doubled flowers.

Bird of Paradise

This will surely win a prize if there is any contest for the best-looking flower in the form of shape. They bloom from spring to fall and look similar to the head of a crane. They are made to sit on a 3-meter tall stem. The thing about this flower that is unique is that the point part looks like the beak with 3 orange sepals that point up. It can keep indoors where enough sunshine allows or spread. 

Well by now you know the attractive flowers that are found around the world. And some of them which we have not even heard or known about. Every flower has its importance and blossom month.   

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