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How to get 10k likes on youtube videos

YouTube has come a long way in comparison to other social media. That’s why today, YouTube is used in every country. But many people use YouTube to earn money. However, to make a career on YouTube, we must work hard and make ourselves popular. For this, we need to increase the likes of the videos on our channel. Then to get 10k likes on YouTube, we must read this blog post entirely.

So now let’s talk about how to get 10k likes on youtube videos. Hence I want to tell you that YouTube is a free social media where you can enjoy videos according to your interest. Have you ever wondered where all these videos come from? So know that a channel is created on YouTube, in which a person uploads videos related to his niche, which we see through different channels. So today, we will tell you some ways to boost 10k likes on YouTube, which will bring your likes.

Below are some special ways to get 10k likes on YouTube videos:

encourage engagement

When you upload your first video on a youtube channel, you should know how many comments, likes, and shares your video gets and how high it is ranked on YouTube. Therefore, at the end of your YouTube video, you can ask people to comment and share the video if you request to like it at the beginning of your video. And even after the end of the video, be reminded to like the video. So this will increase the likes on your youtube videos, and you will be able to get 10k likes on youtube videos.

Interact with your viewers

To boost 10k likes on YouTube, you ask your viewers to engage with the video content. So you have to return the favour; we must monitor the viewers’ comments on our videos. If a viewer asks you a question on your video, we should answer it immediately. And by talking to him, ask him to subscribe to his YouTube channel if you successfully satisfy your user. So you can quickly increase the credibility of your YouTube channel. With this, you can also increase traffic to your website, which will give you a lot of benefits.

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Use playlists

Within YouTube, we get to use many such features, with the help of which you can attract your audience and more towards yourself; however if you want to get 10k likes on YouTube. So you create a playlist for your viewers, capable of auto-playing your videos simultaneously. When a user sees your video, he also likes your video to watch the video till the end. But after the video is over, it goes to someone else’s video. So to avoid doing this, we have to make a playlist of more videos. Due to this, the user will be able to see any of our other videos again after watching our video. This will automatically increase the number of views and likes on our video.

Promote your YouTube videos on social channels

Just as YouTube is a popular social media, in the same way, many other social media are also used by many people, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. However, the only thing is that we should not limit our YouTube videos to YouTube only. Instead, we should promote our YouTube videos on our other social media accounts. If we do this, we will be able to quickly increase 10k likes on YouTube, which will give us a lot of benefits on our YouTube channel.


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