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Cardboard boxes have made their way in every sector. A product’s packaging seems incomplete without it. It is impossible to transport and store the products in the absence of cardboard boxes. They can be transformed into well-designed custom boxes by using various customization options. Entrepreneurs can’t even think of their brand without using them.

The custom Boxes provide a great aesthetic view to your products making them stand out. The process of converting plain cardboard sheets into attractive custom printed boxes is not as simple as it looks. It contains a series of steps and measures. The ultimate guide to cardboard boxes is as follows:

Choose A Box Style

Once you decide to create custom packaging boxes for your product, it’s necessary to choose an appropriate box style depending on the nature of your offering. For example, if you are going to package your entire brand, definitely you require custom product boxes.

In the case of shipping the products, you need high-quality corrugated cardboard box to ensure maximum protection. If you want to give a present to your loved ones, custom gift boxes will be the best choice. In the case of a subscription business, you need to design monthly mailer boxes.

Cardboard packaging provides you many options to package delicate items like makeup, jewelry, and watches etc. You can go for sleeve boxes or pillow boxes whatever suits your requirement. Thus you have to make a perfect choice of box style before moving to further details.

Work On Its Dimensions

If you wish to create perfectly sized custom boxes, work on the dimensions of the box. For this, analyze and measure your products. The size of the product will determine the size of its packaging. It’s wise to keep a margin of the half to one an inch. This makes it easy for the product to fit in without damaging the box.

Think Of Logo And Patterns

Before finalizing the printing options, it is necessary to think about the logo and patterns which go along the box. Design your logo in an attractive way and remain consistent with it. It’s a great way to create brand awareness. Also, finalize the patterns to be printed on the custom boxes. This depends on whether you want to create a minimalistic or natural packaging or a combination of bold and flashy ones. Whatever design you choose reflects your brand image.

Collect The Information To Go With The Box

When you are designing custom cardboard boxes, it is necessary to gather the information which is to be printed on the box. For example, in the case of food products, the information includes the name of the product, ingredients, directions to use, nutritional values, manufacturing, and expiry dates etc. Such information not only makes your product valuable but also provides a satisfaction to the customers that they are delivered with complete information prior to purchase.

Custom Printing And Finishes

The thing which provides an inspiring look to custom packaging boxes is printing and finishing effects. Cardboard supports a wide range of printing techniques like offset printing, digital printing and screen printing etc. Spot color and foil ink can be used to add more attractiveness to custom boxes.

Finalize one of your choices. In the end, special lamination and finishes can be added to enhance its grace. They include embossing, foil stamping, die-cutting, and aqueous coating etc.

Provide A Great Experience With Custom Cardboard Boxes

Once you have created custom printed boxes, use them in an effective way to provide a great experience to your customers. The custom packaging manufacturers provide an array of options to convert a simple box into wonderful ones. Make use of tissue wrap to cover your products.

Use of inserts, dividers, support cushions, branded stickers and packing peanuts can add to the unboxing experience. Placing a custom note or a small gift or any discounted voucher at the side of the box creates a personal touch.

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