How Expensive Is Travelling to Manchester

How Expensive Is Travelling to Manchester

The only thing that can possibly limit your imagination once travelling is a limited budget. It is especially true for travelling to the UK since this country tends to run on the more expensive side of things. Though do not be discouraged by this fact, since there are many ways to organise a trip within your desired budget. Manchester is certainly not the most expensive city, but it can cost you a pretty penny if you are not watchful. 


This category is the most obviously costly one, however, it is the one that gives you the most leeway. You can opt to stay in the hostel if you are trying to save up a bit, but you might also opt for the stay in the hotel if you can actually spare some money and if you are the most frugal kind of person, then couch surfing will actually come to your aid. Overall, you can get really creative here and carefully check the sites online to find the most appropriate type of living arrangement.

Besides, you might find accommodation on the outskirts of Manchester which will definitely take less of your budget, but in this case, try to be diligent about comparing the prices of rental accommodation, and the expenses that it will take you to get around if you live further from the centre and then chose the optimal variant.


Public transportation is a great choice to get around the city since it can basically take you to all the corners of Manchester. First of all, it is cheaper than getting a taxi, secondly, you will be able to freely look around instead of focusing on the road. The other great option is cheap cars for hire since it will let you be more independent and more in charge of your route. There are many service providers, i.e. Manchester Airport Europcar, that will let you choose any type of vehicle, starting off from the most luxurious cars and going on to the most basic sedans. Car hire prices will vary greatly and will let you find the most appropriate vehicle for your needs. 

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This kind of category is the best part for any holidaymakers, as far as this is the most fun part of the journey. If you like museums, galleries and other kinds of sights then you know that costs for tickets to all those establishments can add up and take out quite a chunk of your budget. In this case, if you are looking to save up a bit, keep in mind that you can get a city pass to museums and save up in this way. Moreover, if you are a frequent visitor to museums, you might like to join some historic society, which even though requires a membership fee, but gives you discounts on visits to different sights.

Furthermore, Manchester car hire will also let you visit some of the most beautiful places in the vicinity of the city and this way, you will be able to see some landmarks for free. YOu could go on a hike or on a stroll through different quarters of the city, and this way will let you experience the culture and architecture and feel the history first hand.

Food and Shopping

Dining can also be an expense that though unavoidable, can actually help you save some money. The best way to cut your expenses on food and products is to follow the habits of the locals. Even if you do not like to cook, you can go to the supermarkets and find something there to your liking. Check out local forums to find out which restaurants and cafes are favoured by the local people, not only do they have the most delicious food but also tend not to overcharge like most of the touristy places.

Overall, if you are setting up your budget for a journey, be aware that a long-term trip can actually run up higher costs than the long-term one. Moreover, the general estimate for a journey for one person is about 1500$ per one person and a bit more than 2000 for two. If you are planning a trip, keep in mind that each situation is unique and your spendings might well be different from the average.


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