How to Clean a Kilt Properly 

The men’s kilt is an iconic item of apparel that is known all over the world. Many people associate Scotland with kilts and highland celebrations when they hear the term “Scotland.” Kilts are popular because they have a long and illustrious history dating back to the late 16th century.

Many people who buy kilts just want to wear them for as long as possible until they fade away. Today, we’re going to show you how to properly care for your kilt. Using our procedures and processes, your kilt will look fantastic for a very long time.

So, in this section, we’ll show you how to properly clean your kilt.

How to Care for Your Kilt

Let’s start with how to clean your kilt after a spill. Make sure not to massage the region, but rather dab it with a clean towel. If it does not work for you. Try the steps listed below.

If your kilt is made of cotton, you’re in luck since your Utility kilt may be cleaned at home. Make sure to wash it at 30 degrees along with a liquid detergent. Before putting the kilt in the machine, give it a quick spin and double-check that the straps are fastened.

If you have a classic Scottish Tartan Kilt or a Great Kilt made of Wool cloth, the spills may be tough to clean at home. However, wool material repels filth and is thus easy to care for, although in the event of a spill, it is best to give it over to a cleaning firm. You may choose whatever cleaner firm you like, but make sure they know what they’re doing.

The Best Way to Iron a Kilt

Ironing isn’t really necessary for kilts. If you have any little creases on your kilt, they will most likely disappear on their own after being hung for a few days. If you insist on ironing your kilt, the following instructions will guide you through the process.

When ironing cotton kilts, make sure to cool the iron first before ironing on the inner side of the cloth. Make sure the pleats are correctly aligned and don’t tumble off the ironing board. You may use some assistance ironing your kilt.

For wool, put the iron to steam and place the apron on the ironing board. After that, be sure to use an ironing cloth to protect the wool fabric from burning. Continue by softly ironing the material; don’t press too hard or you’ll destroy your kilt. You should never iron wool cloth on the right side since it will create shining markings.

Pleats, on the other hand, normally do not require any ironing. If you feel the need, hire a professional to do the task.


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