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How to delete TikTok account

If you are tired by using TikTok or you feel that you spend your most of time in Using TikTok. You can’t do your work properly. And want to get rid from TikTok and leave temporarily to save your time. Then you are reading a right article. In this article, I will tell about that how to delete tiktok account. Please read all information with focus that you understand all information easily.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a biggest social media entertainment platform in all over the world. You can watch and create your own videos on TikTok. Basically TikTok provide a platform to its users that they can show their talents. On TikTok, you can get all categories videos and audio content such as entertainment, Dance, Funny, pranks, Fitness, sports, Video mixing, Beauty, Home improvement, Tips and tricks, Business, Technology, Making art and much more that you like. We can say that you can all content about your interest.

·        Advantages of Tiktok

Advantage of this app is that you can spend your free time with this app and make your mood happy by seeing your interest based things. You can your show your talents individually to world without any physically platform.

·        Disadvantage of Tiktok

The main disadvantage of tiktok is some peoples especially students spend most of their time on tiktok. In this case, they gives less times to their work or study. This is just entertainment made for free time to use.

How to delete TikTok account.

Deleting your tiktok account is permanently. If you chose this option then tiktok will delete all your uploaded content and all your information on tiktok.

Follow these steps to delete your account

Go to the > setting and privacy option of your tiktok account

  • Then select the first option of > Account
  • At the last select the option of > Deactivate or delete account
  • After this tiktok will show to option deactivate your account or delete permanently.
  • Then select the option> Delete account permanently
  • Select an option from that why are you leaving Tiktok.
  • During deleting your account tiktok give an option you to download your all data. You can request to download your data.
  • At last the delete option will come and click on > continue button.

The process of deleting your account will start. One more important this I want to share that you cancel your account deletion within 30 days. TikTok will give 30 days to you after submitting your delete account request to get back on tiktok. You may cancel the deletion submitted request by reactivating your account within the period of 30 days.

How to deactivate Tiktok account.

Deactivating your account is temporary. No anyone can see you uploaded media on your account. You can reactivate your account anytime.

Method of deactivating you Tiktok account

The method of deactivating is same as deleing your account. Just select the deactivate option from delete or deactivate option.


TikTok is an entertainment app and a platform for creators to show their talents. Every things have positive and negative aspects. We can use Tiktok by sharing useful Information. In case of using tiktok to watching videos all time. In my suggestion watch TikTok but with the limit of time. Do not use over the time and give to your work or study. Share this information of you like this.

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