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When you know all the small methods to reach the appropriate result, teaching fraction division to your pupils may be just as easy as teaching multiplication. But when you teach division, you don’t want your students to just answer a problem as with any math subject. You need them to comprehend each question’s context. However, it is the issue. If you don’t exactly grasp how to divide fractions yourself, it’s difficult to explain it to them. So using a fraction calculator online by is quite a great option to divide your fractions properly.

We had some questions about it, too. Due to this, we researched the most effective resources and practical methods for ensuring that your class is aware of the fundamental principles of fraction division. If you pay close attention, you’ll be a fully-equipped, supremely-confident fraction division master by the end of this article.

In this article, we will talk about the steps that help to divide fractions easily.

Let’s have a look!

How do Dividing Fractions Works?

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice include teaching students how to divide fractions. But do not worry as the free fraction calculator online is now around to expedite you, people, all the way. A multiplying and dividing fractions calculator tells the purpose of dividing fractions by providing different calculations. When dividing fractions, one of the most important lessons to impart to children is what the answer means. Look at the illustration below:

½ ÷ ⅙ = 3


How are the fractions maintained? Similar to how they are portrayed in the questions? No! Before moving on to the next stage, keeping a fraction means leaving the original fractional value alone. A question regarding dividing fractions, for instance, has three values: 3/5 6/7. In this, 35 will remain unchanged prior to division. In order to answer the question, the formula changes to 3/5 6/7. The free fraction calculator also generates the same results but in a  fragment f seconds which saves you a lot of time.


The next step is to change once you have mastered keeping the fraction. What do you suppose it might be? Alter the inquiry? or the number itself? None of these two! Fractional division requires switching the sign from division to multiplication, however, it does not work.

But instead of adding or subtracting, why divide? Because addition is the opposite of subtraction and multiplication is the reverse of division. There is one more rule to be followed. As a result, the question now reads as 3/5 x 6/7 following the second rule, which is altering. However, using a multiple fraction calculator can differentiate between different values of fractions.


The third rule is the most crucial and straightforward one to follow after following rules number one and number two. It reads “flip!” Many people who are learning how to flip become confused and frequently flip the complete fractional number, which is incorrect. Only the value following the multiplicand has to be reversed. In this situation, the digits 6 and 7 must be reversed. Following rule number 3, the last query is 3/5 x 7/6. A fraction calculator online helps you to provide an authentic result for calculating the fractions.

That’s all, then! The fundamental guidelines for dividing fractions are clear. Apply the direct, face-to-face multiplication operation between the numbers to arrive at the final result. Therefore, the final solution is 21/30 after dividing 3/5 by 6/7, or 3/5 by 7/6. How? 7 x 3 and 5 x 6. The division is more complicated than multiplication, which is direct and face-to-face. It implies that the numerator is multiplied directly by the numerator and the denominator by the denominator.

When dividing fractions, another rule to always remember is to divide the numerator and multiple the denominators. When multiplying fractions, the converse is true. The most important guideline is to use the operator specified in the question for the numerator.

Final Thoughts:

To solve a large or complicated fraction is not easy. When you divide them then it becomes easy to solve these fractions easily. And if you use an adding fractions calculator then it will ease your working load when it will give an exact calculation of fractions. 

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