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The display stand is needed for almost every item at home. Moreover, it is not difficult at all to make a cardboard display stand; it’s simple and requires little creativity. You can give it whatever shape, color and size you like. Just use the boxes of shape, weight and size to make a stand. Try to keep it light and strong. It is a fun diversion to make great display stands for the items. You need not buy cardboard boxes from the market. Use the leftover boxes at your home with all the materials available every time in your stationery box-like glue, scissors and knife, etc.

Collect Material For Cardboard Stand

Start with collecting some cardboard boxes of exact dimensions. It is better to obtain the bigger sheets as it is easy to make a stand for display with the cardboard having a larger area. Cut a cardboard sheet according to the desired size. Use a knife and a metal straight edge for framing the squares properly. It is used to make right angles accurately. Use a pencil to lay it out carefully. Now figure out what size you want to give to your display stand and what should be its width and depth. Now calculate how tall your stand is, so multiply the figure by two and add it to the width and depth. 

Draw A sketch

Draw straight lines along the four sides, as shown in the image below. They serve the height you want and crease the cardboard sheet along these lines. Use a knife or a straight edge to do so. Don’t cut the cardboard. Make folds precisely.

Moving toward The Cutting

Now cut out the cardboard from each corner and follow the crease to make the sides fold up. Attach tape to each corner to fix the sides altogether. Carpenters glue will be the best adhesive to provide strength, but you must keep the sides intact for some time by hand or put something heavy on it.

Decorate Your Cardboard Stand

After completing a box, the next step is to cover it with a cloth or decorative paper. You can also use some leftovers of wallpaper that match your room or contrast it. To keep it simple, you can also use brown craft paper, put some glue and leave it to dry. Paint it afterward and apply some top coat to look attractive. Place it anywhere on the desk and put the things you want to display. Your beautiful cardboard stand for a display is ready to use. If the object you want to display is heavy or needs the bottom to be closed, you can adopt some techniques. Although they may add complexity to it, it will work further.

Technique for a Close-Bottom box

Two ways are there to do so. Either make two boxes, one slightly larger than the other and makes them stick together. It resembles a box with a lid. It can be a trial and error to get the adjustable sizes. The second option is to make a single box that fits together, as in the below picture. Glue it and hold the edges till they dry. Both ways will give you strong boxes that can also have heavy products. 

This method is called internal reinforcement for the display stand. If your box is larger and you want to make a partition in it, cut a long strip using corrugated cardboard. Fold the strip to make a Z-shaped structure or a square, whatever you want. Glue it from top and bottom with your box. Your display stand is ready, as shown in the picture. You can make it stand and place the things separately from one another

Technique for Wall-Mounted Display

Following this step, you can even decently place something fragile like glass items on a wall without fearing that they might fall off from the display stand. Make a few open bottom boxes, measure the dimensions from the inside of the box, and cut a piece of wood accordingly. The wood should be half-inch thick or three-quarters. Then glue the wooden board inside the box. Cover it with decorative paper, wallpaper, or something like fabric when it dries. Then drill a hole at an angle of 45 degrees through the wooden board. Does it carefully, and avoid the hole from drilling too far back or near. If a mistake is made, you can risk pulling the nail through the box, and the whole stuff may fall. So take a little skill to drill the nails and go with the step.

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