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An organised office is a key to productivity. Studies suggest that an individual works better in a clean and arranged environment. It helps them calm down and reduces stress to work patiently and cheerfully. Workspaces can provide office drawers and desks to help employees separate items and keep their tables neat. Keeping professional stuff away from personal elements provides a clear distinction and allows them to have a composed mindset while walking into work. One can also keep a few recreational items to help them feel fulfilled and relaxed when tired.

Here are a few ways to organise a workspace to promote a healthier work environment and tunnel vision to productivity.

Important items:

Placing critical items at arm’s reach is the first step to rearranging the office space. One must keep stationery items like pencils, pens, staplers, pins, and more near them to write urgent information immediately. Keep post-it cards to paste on the desk wall to stay informed about upcoming events and meetings. It helps one remember better and pushes them to work in time. 

This is best to dedicate a space to them, specifically a little away from the monitor or desktop setting to clear the typing space appropriately. It helps them perform computer functions with a clear mind and make no typing errors. Keep them organised in pen holders or make a basket for these items to keep them from being misplaced.


Keeping items in drawers ensures the safety and organised behaviour. One can clear space from the top of the desks to keep them properly inside drawers. It creates an illusion of cleanliness to put one into a calm and motivating mindset. One can purchase drawers with separations inside to make the job easier. 

Office drawers usually have compact cabinets to fit all the items in small spaces. One must find an adequate drawer size for their office to include files, large items, and other necessities specific to their work. Items apart from urgent needs are best inside these cabinets to save space on top of the table. It is best to find the best material since these drawers must not catch termites or rot over time, which can cause immense harm to company property and files.

Leisure items:

Many people like keeping leisure items in their workspace to relax while working. Plants are some of the best additional products in the desk space that helps one feel fresh. Studies suggest that plants help one rejuvenate, and taking care of them can motivate one to work better and invoke a feeling of nurturing and patience. Fidgeting items are the best for those who feel nervous or anxious while working.

These fidgeting items must be around their workspace to cure their immediate needs and keep their hands busy. Keep them in a separate space near the monitor end of the desk to reach it fast. Arrange photo frames or other personal items on the other end to add a personal touch to the desk and customise it.


Learn to discard items when completed. Whether food, drinks, or even files, one must remember to throw them to not gather unwanted materials on the desk. This collection could call for more disorganisation and create a pile of useless items on the desk. 

Keep a small dustbin on the desk for small items like toffee wrappers, sharpened discards, and more. Keep a bigger one under the table for other waste. Create a corner or use one of the drawers for cleared files that do not need much attention anymore and are ready to be sent for archiving.

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