How to register Trademark in Pakistan Step-by-Step 

How to register Trademark in Pakistan
How to register Trademark in Pakistan


Businesses and individuals that wish to safeguard their brand identification and intellectual property rights must first register their trademarks. Overseeing the trademark registration process in Pakistan is the responsibility of the Pakistani Intellectual Property Organisation (IPO-Pakistan). To finish the Pakistani trademark registration process, adhere to the detailed guidelines in this page. We will discuss that how to register trademark in Pakistan step by step.

Step 1: Preliminary Trademark Search: 

Conducting a preliminary check to make sure your proposed trademark is distinctive. And not already registered or being used by another organisation is advised before starting the registration procedure. You can do this search using the online database of the IPO-Pakistan or with the help of a trademark lawyer. 

Step 2: The trademark application process: 

The next step is to submit a trademark application to the IPO-Pakistan after you have established the availability of your selected trademark. The application can be submitted physically at the Trademark Registry or online. 

The following details have to be on the application:

● Information about the applicant (name, address, nationality, etc.) 

● The use of the trademark’s (logo, word, or combination of them) representation ● Goods or services that fall inside the trademark’s scope 

Step 3: Examination and Publication: 

Following application submission, the IPO-Pakistan will carry out a rigorous inspection to look for any errors or inconsistencies with already registered trademarks. If the application is approved, the trademark will be published in the Trademark Journal. So that other parties have a certain amount of time (typically two to three months) to file an objection. The application moves on to the following stage if there is no resistance expressed. 

Step 4: Issuance of Registration Certificate: 

The IPO-Pakistan will provide a registration certificate for your trademark. If there is no objection or if the opposition is upheld in your favour. This certificate. Which is valid for 10 years with the possibility of renewal, acts as evidence of your trademark rights in Pakistan. 

Step 5: Trademark Renewal: 

You must renew your trademark before the first ten-year term expires if you want to keep it safe. Up to six months prior to the conclusion of the initial term, and then every ten years after that, renewals may be requested. 

Additional factors to consider: 

Hiring a Trademark Attorney: While not required, doing so can help assure compliance with legal standards. Give professional advice, and improve the prospects of a successful registration. 

Utilise of the Trademark: To maintain the legitimacy of your trademark. It is important to utilise it consistently in commercial endeavours. If your trademark is not continually utilised for five years from the date of registration, it might be revoked. 

Consider registering for trademark protection in other nations or regions through the Madrid System or individual national registrations if you want to take your company outside Pakistan. 


In Pakistan, trademark registration is essential for protecting your brand identification and intellectual property rights. You may move through the procedure easily by following this step-by-step manual. From performing a preliminary search to acquiring a registration certificate. Don’t forget to seek out specialised legal counsel from a trademark attorney to guarantee adherence to IPO-Pakistan rules. Your business will develop and succeed in Pakistan. If you register your trademark to protect it and set yourself out from the competition.

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